21-year-old entrepreneur takes on NoVA

Hayes Organization Solutions was born out of 21-year-old Brandon Hayes’ Fairfax apartment, even before he graduated.

By Anjelica Michael 

Hayes Organization Solutions
Photo courtesy of Brandon Hayes.


In October 2013, Hayes Organization Solutions was born out of 21-year-old Brandon Hayes‘ Fairfax apartment. “I’ve always been an organized person” said Hayes. “When I started working with friends and family and organizing their homes, a friend recommended I start my own business.”

As part of a generation of budding entrepreneurs, Hayes took the next step and put his dream into motion. 

Brandon Hayes of Hayes Organization Solutions.
Photo courtesy of Brandon Hayes.

A Michigan native and George Mason University student, Hayes saw there was a market for home organization and decided to pursue it, forming his own before even graduating. We talked to Hayes to learn more about his business, and what makes it different from the competition. 

“We can do anything from just going into your closet and color-coordinating your clothes, to a whole closet redo,” Hayes said. “It’s all about functionality and easy access. Each time we go into a home it is different, because it is specific to what a customer wants. Catering to the individual is what its about.” Hayes said that he wants his team to get to know a client before any work is done to evaluate works best for them and their every-day lifestyle. 

When asked if he feels like his age plays a role in his business, Hayes laughed and said, “Of course people take it into consideration. But I notice all the ever-changing trends in homes. I notice what works and what doesn’t.”

But despite starting a business when many of his contemporaries are worried about graduation, Hayes is confident in his abilities.

“I’m serious about what I do, and I am in someone’s home to do a good job. Not everyone starts a business at 40.”

Keeping on trend and up to date with new tools are important, but Hayes says it goes beyond that. He always tells clients with kitchen organization projects to go grocery shopping beforehand, so he can see the products they use on a regular basis and work that into the organizational design of the space.

“I like to incorporate style into the space,” he said. “If I go into a space and organize it without knowing the person, sure, it will look nice and trendy, but it won’t work. It needs to be personalized to their daily routine.” 

So why start the business in NoVA and not his native Michigan? “There are a lot of homes and businesses and everyone is on the go.” Hayes pointed out that people in Northern Virginia want the perfect home, and with perfection comes organization.

Even if you are on a budget, Hayes said there are solutions that are wallet-safe, ” You can find a lot of things at Target or on Amazon that are nice and inexpensive.”

In the end, Hayes just wants people to be happy in their homes with spaces that they are comfortable in. “I’m looking to create a perfect plan that fits their needs.” 

For more about Hayes Organization Solutions, visit its website at www.hayesorganizationsolution.squarespace.com.