Decor tips from Redecorate Today’s Jennifer Mangum and Suzan Meredith

A powerful Northern Virginia Duo help local homeowners redecorate.

By Anjelica Michael

A powerful Northern Virginia Duo help local homeowners redecorate.

Photo courtesy of Redecorate Today.

Redecorate Today founders Jennifer Mangum and Suzan Meredith came together in 2005 to shared their passions to create a successful redecorating business in Northern Virginia. We caught up with Jennifer and Meredith to discuss their business and what they think of current trends in home decor. 


NVM: How did the two of you start your partnership? 

Jennifer: “We started our partnership in 2005.  We both were interested in starting a design business and thought it would be much more fun to do it together.  I feel so fortunate to have such a great partner to work with, it’s especially helpful to bounce creative ideas off one another.  It’s a good to have some checks and balances when you are working on a project.  Other designers often tell us they wish they had a partner, because it can becoming daunting on their own. ”  


Q: So what do you do at Redecorate Today?

Suzan: “We are a full service design firm.  If you need a contractor, we can help you.  If you need custom window treatments, we can help you.  Floor plans, furniture and flooring, a beautiful room pallet with art and accessories is our ultimate goal for any room or your entire home.  We treat the design process as one of collaboration, not dictation and like helping people incorporate items that they already have.”


Q: What is your No. 1 tip for redecorating this season? 

Jennifer: “I would say take a look around your home and see if your current color palette is outdated.  Gray paired with vibrant hues is a great new look.  People often associate gray with a cool palette.  But there are plenty of warm toned gray’s out there, and then you can punch it up with a vivid purple, pink, orange or citrine, or all of the above. ” 


Q: How should people decide when to redecorate? 

Suzan: “Normally this happens when all the stars align and you have a budget that you have allocated for the room or project(s).  People should decide to redecorate and renovate before the bathroom remodel has already started.  Often we are called upon to help people out of mid-project design disasters.” 


Q: What do you feel like sets your business apart from your competitors?

Photo Courtesy of Redecorate Today.

Jennifer: “I would say our team approach definitely sets us apart from our competitors.  We also really try to find each of our clients individual style and have that represented in their home.  That way they love their surroundings and feel comfortable in their home.  It’s always so rewarding when our clients are happy with the end results.”


Q: What is your favorite trend in redecorating right now? 

Suzan: “The freedom of being eclectic. ” 


What do you like most about working in Northern Virginia?

Jennifer: “This area is full of such interesting and different people.  I love getting to know our clients and the different backgrounds they come from.  It’s especially fun to decorate with some of the treasures many of our clients have collected from around the world.”

Suzan:  “It is such a large and diverse area, that the type of client is different every time.  Northern Virginia homes are, for the most part, built in a traditional fashion.  Often that traditional style needs to be made more personal  – a flair of contemporary items or unconventional colors makes it the client’s own.”


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Photo Courtesy of Redecorate Today.