3 Hot Tips to Spring Your Home into the new season

Need to freshen up your home this spring? We’ve got advice from Suzan Meredith and Jennifer Mangum of Redecorate Today.

By Anjelica Michael

Photo courtesy of Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock.com.

Suzan Meredith and Jennifer Mangum of Redecorate Today share with us how to invite spring into your home. 

1. Paint your front door.

Suzan just painted hers using Benjamin Moore’s color Teal 2055-10. “It has a lot of depth and darkness, so it is sophisticated. When the sun hits it, it is full of energy and fun,” she says. This will brighten up the entrance to your home and have guests

Photo Courtesy of RTimages
Photo courtesy of RTimages/Shutterstock.com.

feel the bright side of spring as soon as they walk in. This can add a much needed pop to the front of your house as well, making it stand out in your neighborhood. 

2. Add some new cushions or pillows to your outdoor patio furniture. 

Give your patio a pick-me-up by incorporating some color. This decorating pair recommends the color of 2014: Radiant Orchid because it is gaining a lot of popularity. But if you aren’t a fan of this color, try another color from Pantone’s Spring 2014 line including choices like Celosia Orange, Dazzling Blue and Freesia.

3. Remodel something!

Nothing like a new room for a new season. Take on a project to bring light into your home after this chilly winter. Been putting off re-doing your bathroom? Now may be the time. Suzan and Jennifer suggest bringing on a professional to help to get exactly what you want, “Let your designer help you get it just right.” 


To learn more about Jennifer and Suzan’s services, visit their website at  redecorate-today.com


Looking for some more DIY? Meet two bloggers who know your home isn’t perfect, but will give you some tips to make it beautiful. 


Perfectly Imperfect

Shaunna is a mom from Troy, Ala. who emphasizes the home, not the house. She wants to improve your home and how you live in it. She specializes in fun projects like furniture painting and collecting vintage furniture. On her blog, she also has an online shop where you can buy some of her vintage finds and her own line of chalk paint. She wants to teach her followers to embrace imperfections within your home and have fun while doing it. Some of her projects include a lofted fort bed for her son, and how to turn an old dresser into a flower planter. Shaunna also passes on her wisdom of trying what may seem like strange products, like milk paint, which may seem intimidating to newbie painters. But she holds your hand as she takes you through a project so that you can try new things as well.

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A Beautiful Mess 

Elsie and Emma run this next blog just for fun, but they aim to give inspiration for your life and home. While this isn’t a home-centered blog, they have a great home section with DIY home projects to add a little bit of your personality to your home and beautify your space. They think that even if your space is a mess, there is a way to make it better. Some of their projects include handmade jewelry bowls, typographic art and DIY bronze succulent planters. This is a casual blog run by a group of friends, so the projects are simple with a lot of photos to follow along with. They believe the best things are hand-made, and that is reflected in their décor, crafts, photography and beauty tabs on the home page. This is a great blog to ease into hand-made home projects for a beginner or someone who cannot devote weeks to a project, which can be fun if you are in need of a creative outlet in your free time. 

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