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Looking for some tips on how to fix up your homestead? Check out these Northern Virginia bloggers, who are building a strong following with their savvy skills.

Angela Bobo, Lynn Norusis & Cassandra Sturos
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These married home innovators turned blogging sensations invite you into their house and their young love, which handily enough is the title of their blog Younghouselove.

Check out their home decorating tips and tutorials, along with loads of other fun ideas on painting, crafts, DIY projects, money-saving tips and more.

Start by taking the house tours of all three homes that the couple has lived in, all the way up to their current home. Then to feel inspired, start in on the projects section (which is ample), or take a peek at how the couple used their knack for craftiness on their wedding day. All the home decorating excitement offered in this blog will have you itching to put down the remote control, find a paint brush and hot-glue gun and get artsy. /
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Pretty Handy Girl
Brittany Bailey, who grew up in Northern Virginia, A.K.A the Pretty Handy Girl is pretty modest, because she is more than pretty handy, she is downright impressive.

Besides taking on home repair, electrical, lighting and plumbing projects,  Brittany went into labor with her second son while trying to fix a bathtub at eight and a half months pregnant. Now that’s a can-do spirit.

But don’t be put off by all the handiness, because Brittany gives great step-by-step instructions on all her home projects and how to build up your tool kit. She even owns power tools (and has tutorials on how to use them) but encourages you to start out basic and embrace becoming handy. And there’s no better way than by cruising her sight for ideas from holiday creations to installing a toilet seat. /


JWS Interiors
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JWS Interiors
Jennifer Wagner Schmidt started her blog, JWS Interiors, in October 2011, and has consistently been inspiring homeowners with bold designs that can be incorporated into any atmosphere, and she does it in an affordable way.

Her showcase of client projects and celebrity abode peeks, give followers a sense that any whim can become a well-thought out design. One of her posts that had us making a renovate list was her musings on outdoor inspirations. The variety of bohemian backyard paradise to urban-cool hangout, with southern garden gathering in between is giving us some weekend projects to seriously think about for this spring. /


Lauren Liess' Pure Style Home
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Pure Style Home
Lauren Liess at Pure Style Home brings followers on a journey of work for her clients and her own home. With a casual tone, Liess lets us know it is OK to decorate, then redecorate, then redecorate again, changing the interiors of our own home as often as our tastes and the trends change.

Not only does she give a rundown of the things that inspire her, but she also keeps us up to date on the happenings in her own life, making her feel more like a friend than just someone dishing design advice.

Her style trends along the lines of traditional with a twist—her open-shelved kitchen with chalkboard-painted fridge was the lynchpin in our devoted following—and the casual breeze that her designs show make us want to vacation in any of her designs.  /


Aesthetic Oiseau
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Aesthetic Oiseau
Aesthetic Oiseau is the perfect blog for print-loving, color-confident individuals.  Virginia-based creator Daniela M. Shuffler regularly updates with perfectly patterned rooms from her favorite interior designers, unconventional furniture ideas, carefully cultivated catalog picks, as well as her own DIY adventures in decorating her new home. If you are looking to construct an unexpected environment that is highly fashion-forward, while staying up-to-date on the new and now interior designers, this blog is your perfect match. /

(April 2014)