Shop Spotlight: Stifel and Capra

This Falls Church store specializes in all things handmade and vintage, adding that stylish charm to your home.

Stifel and Capra in Falls Church
Photo by Mollie Tobias.

Aesthetic: When driving up, there is a sense of coming home. What some people think is an old house is actually the store that owner Theresa Wells Stifel calls a “mental health break.” Inside, the wood floors and eclectic design showcase the tone that Wells Stifel was trying to establish. Custom elements are around every turn, like classic wallpaper peeking out above the wall of vintage handbags. Each room of the two-floor house welcomes a different personality for tastes including vintage, handmade and quirky.

Stifel and Capra in Falls Church.
Photos by Mollie Tobias.

Product spread: Everything is handmade and vintage. All of the handmade work is done by local artisans and the vintage pieces are 50+ years old (specializing in the 30s to 60s.) Some of the products include jewelry, clothing, home wares and artwork. Wells Stifel says that she wants to find things you won’t see someplace else, and she rarely sees a customer come into the store and not find something they love.

Extra Services: Many of the artists who have their products in the shop offer custom work upon request. On the second floor, Wells Stifel holds workshops and classes for all skill levels ranging from furniture painting to print making and other crafts.

Wallet Wonders: Prices range from two dollars to a thousand, but Wells Stifel assures that she wants everything to be a good deal. In general, the prices range from low to moderate considering the selection. —Anjelica Michael

Stifel and Capra
260 W. Broad St.
Falls Church





(May 2014)