The Only Time of the Year a Stain is Welcome

After taking a hit from the winter cold your deck is probably looking a bit rough. These five products should make staining it a bit easier.

By Jessica Godart

With the hot summer sun starting to appear, tan lotion isn’t the only thing that decks need to be repelling. After a long winter and lots of snow, decks are sure to have become worn and faded by summer’s start and in need of a fresh coat of color. If you’re looking for a DIY project for a day, head out with these products that are sure to make your deck beautiful again.

Deck Stainer
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Olympic 1-Gallon Multiple Solid Exterior Paint; $36.98

Paint roller
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Linzer 12 in. Deck and Water Seal Roller; $9.96 

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Wooster 1 in. Angle 3/Pack Paints All Pro Series Brush; $19.99

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3M 2-Pack Chemical Respirator; $10.97

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Working Hands Long Cuff Extra-Large Neoprene Gloves; $4.98 

For extra assistance, check out Lowes’ helpful tips to deck staining.