The sanctity of the front porch

NVM’s culture and lifestyle writer waxes poetic about front porches.

Photo courtesy of goodmanphoto/Adobe Stock

Wherein NVM culture and lifestyle Eliza Berkon writer waxes poetic about the magic of the front porch:

Wheels spinning, clocks on overdrive, as children laugh.

A woman, glistening in the grass, folds to pry up weeds,
And a uniformed man hands a gift to a neighbor.

Daisies bow to the breeze
As a lone bird sings his vespers
And the street lights snap on.

The apricot sky casts its golden haze,
Reshooting the scene in 16 mm film.

Across the street, a longtime couple eases onto a porch swing,
Rising and falling toward the earth
Breathing in; Breathing out.

Orange fades to gray
As the stars emerge, still and silent.

I head in for the night,
returning tomorrow.
And again.

(July 2017 Outdoor Fun Guide)