To-Do List: How to prevent lawn burnout

Take these steps to keep your yard green, fertile and healthy.

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Every summer requires a unique set of best home maintenance practices, and the lawn should not be an overlooked component of that upkeep. Take these steps to keep your yard green, fertile and healthy.

If your grass has already gone into hiatus and set off for brown pastures, do not try to revive it. Stop feeding it and let it be for the rest of the season. There is always the fall to get it back into shape.
If your lawn is still showing signs of life and you want to feed it, make sure you have adequately watered during the week before you weed.
Set your mower to its highest position and sharpen your blades (taller grass = deeper roots).
Choose the right feed product. Most of these products are temperature-sensitive, and most should not be used at temperatures 85 degrees and above.
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Reduce foot traffic.
Your four-legged friend is also a cause of lawn burnout. Here are some tips to love both this summer:

It is the nitrogen in a dog’s urine that causes harm to the grass. Increasing the amount of liquids you give your pup will dilute the nitrogen in their urine. Also check the labels on the dog’s food—the higher the protein levels, the more nitrogen the dog will excrete.

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Don’t overfeed your lawn. The mineral salts in chemical fertilizers build up in the soil and cause a drying effect. Make sure you are watering your lawn on a schedule and that you are accurately following the fertilizer amount recommendations.
If you’ve overfed your lawn:
  1. Remove the fertilizer using a broom or wet/dry vac.
  2. Water. Water. Water.
  3. Keep your fingers crossed that you’ve done enough.
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Watch Out:

If you notice small brown patches in your yard, check to make sure it is not a rabbit’s nest before you mow.

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Keep certain parts of the yard off-limits either by fencing it off or by leashing your dog each time you take him out.
After the dog goes to the bathroom, water down the area within eight hours to dilute the urine. You can also use lime fertilizer to dilute the urine.

(August 2017)

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