Easy holiday-to-winter decor transition tips

Take a fresh look at your holiday decor. Some of it may be perfect for the whole season with simple tweaks.

Keep the greens, ditch the red when transitioning from holiday to winter decor. Photo courtesy of Peter Cripps, Adobe Stock

If you’re anything like us two things are happening—or are about to happen—in your home: 1) you still have to undecorate from the holidays, and 2) your home is going to feel empty once you do so.

There is something to be said for going back to the basics with your home decor. Once the decorations come down, you can take the time to decide what you want to put back on display, maybe changing it up with some new pillows, a new centerpiece or by bringing in some trendy air plants.

The great thing is you may be able to utilize some of your holiday decor in your winter design scheme.

Go rustic

Rustic decor is hot right now. Everywhere you look, something natural is peeking out or taking the spotlight.

Bay Leaf Wreath, $29.95-$59.95 (Source: Williams Sonoma)

Those natural wreaths you decked out with ribbons or ornaments can be brought back to their original state, bringing in a touch of green to your home. Same with any garland, sans the bells and bobbles. A mantle with a bit of nature laid about is going to make any room feel cozy.

Threshold Metal Antler Candelabra, $29.99 (Source: Target)

Those antlers serving as an ode to Rudolph were out in full force before the holidays, so why not let them shine a little longer.

Natural Black Rug, $92 (Source: Ecowool)

The ultimate piece for giving off those warm and cozy feelings is the fur rug, blanket or pillow. Keep those around as you will want to grab on to them as you snuggle up by the fire. Plus, it gives off that subtle reminder that you should be hibernating during this time of year.

Go green, knit and textured

Yes, green is the color of the holiday, but it is also the color of the season. Keep any of those emerald colors for a wintry look. And if you can weave in knit or textured pieces, it’ll bring the look up a notch.

Lucca pillow, $99 (Source: Article)

Incorporating emerald into a winter design lends an air of sophistication to a room, providing a lush look.

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Covers, $63-$135 on sale (Source: West Elm)

The fluffiness of these pillows lightens the mood a bit and brings texture to a room.

EASTSURE Knit Acrylic Blanket Hand-made Chunky Bed Sofa Throw, $130.88 (Source: Amazon)

Maybe your New Year’s Resolution is like ours and you’re vowing to make your own chunky knit blanket. If you succeed, well done. If you, like the majority of the population, fail to follow through on that resolution, you can pick up a knit blanket to add to the rotation of layers you pile on while lounging on the couch.

Winter whites

It is the season of snow, and white is no longer regulated to the closet after Labor Day. White is a perfect neutral to give your home a refreshed look during the first months of the new year.


Cable knit throw blanket with faux fur, $129 (Source: Pottery Barn)

The knitted texture of a stocking comes to rest on a chair or couch in the form of a knit-and-fur blanket.

Faux Magnolia Centerpiece Candle Holder, $69.95 (Source: Pier 1)

With all the decorations packed away, it is time to bring in a single showcase piece that offers a simple, yet beautiful, look.

Gold Printed Faux Cowhide Pouf, $69.99 (Source: World Market)

After the season of parties, hosting, cooking and giving, it is time to luxuriously put your feet up.