Paint an accent wall in your home

June Shea, of Shea Studio Interiors in Fairfax Station, shares some pointers on getting the paint job right the first time.

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Tip #1.

Figure out if you want the room to appear larger or smaller, if you want it to be cozy, if you want it to be formal. For example, in a rectangular room, if you want it to look less long, you might paint the short wall a darker color because it will bring it in toward the rest of the room. One thing you might want to consider is the fifth wall: the ceiling.

Tip #2

Find a color that you love. You can get small quantities from the paint store. Paint a piece of posterboard in each of the colors and you can move it around when it’s raining, when it’s sunny, etc. The best tip is to pick three colors that you like; colors on the paint chip look darker and more rich, so generally you want to go a little bit lighter. When you finally pick a color, commit.

Tip #3

Do this well in advance of snow so when you get snowed in you have your paint, drop cloth, painter’s tape and all of your equipment. The most important thing you can do is the proper prep on your walls: priming, hitting any nail pops, skimming over any blemishes, taping the trim off with painter’s tape. The best jobs come from more attention to preparation.

(February 2018)