Home helper apps to download now

Smart homes may be the wave of the future, but you can still be tech-savvy with your home needs via these apps.

Maybe you haven’t converted your home to have everything synced up with the touch of a button. Or maybe you’re a little weary of not manually running your own home. But, you still want to make your life easier, utilizing technology for keeping track of bills, maintenance projects or decorating ideas. If so, here are some apps you should download now.

For getting things done around the house

Find tips and tools to simplify your home with easy-to-follow instructions for tasks and DIY projects, a planner and reminder notifications.

When a professional is needed this app lets you sort through area experts, reviews and allows for in-app scheduling.

If you don’t have time for those small tasks that need to get done, Thumbtack puts you in touch with local helpers who will do the work for you. Answer some simple questions about the work needed, timing and find help that fits your needs.

For interior design help

Right from the app you can design your dream home and see it in 3-D. Choose from cataloged items to put in the space, or use the floor planner to get a rough estimate on what can fit where.

Inspiration is what starts the creative juices with this app. Search by style, area, room and more to first find ideas for your next interior design project, then search for experts in your area. You can also shop home decor items through the app.

Photo Measures
You have the perfect plan for a room, you just need to have all those measurements handy when you’re out. Take a picture of your space and map out the dimensions right on the photos.

For budgeting a project or bills

Never forget to pay a bill again. You’ll be notified of upcoming bills for accounts you’ve linked to the app, and you can filter by category and bill status.

Link your accounts to this app and easily track how much you have, how much you owe and how much you’re saving. You can even pay bills and check your credit score.

You Need a Budget
Get in deep with your money on this app that has you track every single dollar coming in and going out. You are the one tracking every expense and categorizing it’s use, forcing you to really understand and take note of how you’re spending.