Our favorite clothing retailers that also offer home goods

The clothing stores we find ourselves consistently checking for the latest trends at amazing deals have also ventured into the realm of home goods.

Design is design. Whether it be something we put in our house or on our body, any piece we buy is a statement of who we are or what we want to project to the world. Luckily, some popular clothing stores are getting in on the home decor game, making it easier to translate our fashion style to our homes. And even better, they are stores known for of-the-moment trends at superb price points.

Zara Home’s Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

Zara Home

Known for its minimalist designs with bold takes on sizing, graphics and meshing of fabrics, Zara balances their collections of expensive-looking pieces with amazing prices that anyone can be happy about. Their home store, however, skews very minimalist in design, almost a hygge-inspired look with accessory pieces like pillows, flatware and vases coming in at deal-worthy prices while bigger ticket items like furniture, rugs and bedding hitting the typical price range found in other home stores.


Fun little tchotchkes are what you will find in ASOS’s home accessories section. Frames, vases, bookends and mugs, sometimes designed with a casual touch, other times focusing on a tongue-and-cheek design with koalas and avocados. But don’t let the colorful, smiling vegetables and plants fool you. You can also find items from Kate Spade, Sunnylife and Paddywax.


ModCloth’s vintage-inspired look for the clothing it carries trickles over into its home goods store with a range of decor pieces for all areas of the house. There is a touch of whimsy, dinosaur and unicorn lights, that would fit more into a child’s room than a main area of the home, but you will find beautiful coasters, fun mugs and great wall decor items that can take up a spot in your home.

H&M Home Warm Minimalism Campaign



What started off as a store that carried a bevy of instant-trend fashion at super-low pricing has become more of a trend-watching store as collaborations with high-end designers (Erdem, Colette, Karl Lagerfeld) brought must-have pieces for the masses. H&M Home focuses on more of the decor pieces—bedding, pillows, blankets, curtains, vases, mirrors and more—for all rooms of the house, including kid spaces. And you’re getting sought-after colors and designs of the season at prices that shoppers are used to seeing for the store’s fashion pieces.

Forever 21

Just like it states in its name, Forever 21’s home decor section is definitely for the younger set—college dorms, teen and tween rooms. But if you look with an open mind you can find pieces for any room, like a nice throw blanket, a potted succulent or a piece you secretly love that you can place in a not-so-public spot of your adult abode.

American Eagle

American Eagle’s home section is much like the one you’ll find at Forever 21 when it comes to the focused clientele. But at American Eagle you have more to choose from as it offers items that range from bedding, tapestries and lighting to tech, mugs and even camping gear.

Honeymoon Hotel Keep Me Wild Art Print,
$19-$399; Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Yes, we know. Urban Outfitter’s home section is not a surprise. But the once college age-focused store has really upped its game in the home sector recently. Prices are not mind-blowing, but they are good when compared to home-specific stores, especially with how on-trend the pieces are. Maybe you’re not going to outfit your entire home in Urban Outfitter designs, but when you are looking for that one perfect piece to complete a room, or have it add that amazing finishing touch, perusing this site’s selections are a must. They cover all the areas of the home and do so with items that are on-trend but won’t be dated within a couple of years. Their range of wall art alone is worth some time on the site.


For the average person, Anthropologie is a little pricey. OK, maybe very pricey. But we can’t help but to peruse their offerings on a weekly basis. The more expensive sister store to Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie carries those statement-making pieces we all want in our home: the fabrics, the prints, the architectural and intricate designs—you can’t find them anywhere else. Pieces tend to have flare, but designs can fit into almost any decor scheme. And you have to think of the pieces you buy as investments. Still not shelling out hundreds and thousands for a coffee table or nightstand? Then check out their smaller goods as those price ranges tend to be more reasonable. And their sales are ones you really should get in on.