Alexandria designer Bonny McMahon releases luxury, handmade dog beds

Available at Boxwood, the dog beds feature warm, comfortable fabrics the feel like velvet.

Alexandria resident Bonny McMahon debuted a line of dog beds to her existing collection of handmade home goods. (Photo by Robert Merhaut)

When it comes to dogs, Bonny McMahon believes that they should sleep as peacefully as humans do, like “getting a good night’s sleep on a good pair of sheets with a solid mattress,” she says. That’s why she’s launched a new line of customizable, handmade dog beds.

The Alexandria resident is the owner of Garden Home LLC, a producer of high-end, handmade items for the home. McMahon creates refurbished furniture, pillows, ottomans and takes on custom projects for clients. Her newest venture creating dog beds fits in with another passion of hers: fostering shelter animals.

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Bonny McMahon, owner of Garden Home LLC, has fostered about two dozen dogs. (Photo by Robert Merhaut)

“My inspiration comes from a combination of my pets, and then my work fostering with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue,” McMahon says, who has fostered about two dozen dogs over the years through the Arlington nonprofit. “I’ve seen a pattern when dogs are coming off of transport, coming from a shelter environment: They want a bath, they want to eat, they want to play and they want a really soft space to be able to settle in, like a lush, super-comfy blanket or bed, to shed the stress of transport.”

McMahon’s dog beds feature different sizes and materials, as well as fun pillows. (Photo by Robert Merhaut)

McMahon’s dog beds are both pillow-style and box-style, made out of upholstery fabrics that feel like velvet, as well as charmeuse, burlap from coffee sacks and cotton. “They’re comfortable and warm, but have the durability on the other side that can be on the floor and be dragged around a bit,” McMahon says. “It can wear because it has the upholstery fabric on the bottom of it, but then they’re luxurious on the top.”

The beds are currently sold at Boxwood, a home goods boutique located in Old Town where McMahon serves as the store’s director of special projects, leading multiple creative workshops throughout the year. McMahon accepts custom orders through Boxwood, as well, for customers who want a specific design. “As opposed to something that’s made in a mass way in a factory setting, I always ask myself, ‘How can I make this unique product that will reflect the local area?’” McMahon says.

Bonny McMahon at her home studio (Photo by Robert Merhaut)

To keep a clean aesthetic, the dog beds come in neutral tones. Those available at Boxwood are pre-made by McMahon in blues, grays, greens and soft patterns. “I want the beds to be able to function in people’s homes,” she says. “So it won’t be, ‘Here’s my beautiful house and then here’s my neon dog bed.’ It’s just a beautiful pillow that a dog happens to sleep on.” After all, dogs deserve comfort, too. // Boxwood: 128 S. Royal St., Alexandria; pre-made beds $85-$225, custom orders vary

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