Here’s an inside look at Arlington-based textile brand Teluna

In honor of new designs released for spring, we chatted with designer and entrepreneur Diana Johnson about the evolution of her self-made local business.

From a plant-filled studio in Arlington, Diana Johnson translates ideas in her head to paper by lettering, illustrating and painting. Using her background in graphic design, Johnson is able to transform her artwork digitally into handcrafted products like pillows, clutches, greeting cards and, most often, prints to add a little color to any space. Plus, it’s all curated in an environmentally friendly way. 

The business name, Teluna—deriving from the Latin words “tela” meaning textiles and “una” meaning one—reflects the products’ ability to bring people together through design, which is exactly Johnson’s goal. A goal she has achieved, in fact, as Teluna generates clients from across the country in California, Arizona, Colorado and more.  

Right here in Northern Virginia, you can find Johnson’s products at local, seasonal markets, as well as on the shelves of several boutiques, including Lou Lou Boutique and Fairfax-based Sophie Blake

As spring makes its way to NoVa, we chatted with Johnson about her seasonal inspiration, eco-friendly design practices and more. Highlights from our conversation below.

two colorful, graphic prints
Photo courtesy of Diana Johnson
What inspired you to start making handcrafted products?

I started my career in graphic design and after multiple custom painting requests from friends and family, I realized I could turn my love of design into my own brand. Fast forward a few years later and Teluna is now a full line of handcrafted products, including greeting cards, art prints, clutches, and pillows. 

four prints of women
Photo courtesy of Diana Johnson
Your designs are printed in an environmentally friendly way. Can you tell me more about that?

As a plant-obsessed nature lover myself, it was important to me to create products in an environmentally friendly way. I strive toward this process by using a textile printer that minimizes waste of materials, uses a water conservation printing process, prints in the U.S. and prints only using eco-friendly inks. At the studio, I recycle all paper and textiles that are not used, and our greeting cards include a recycled kraft paper envelope. Every little bit helps! 

two colorful, textiled pillows
Photo courtesy of Diana Johnson
Do you make custom-made products, as well?

I do! I take on a limited number of custom designs, products and collaborations each month, from invitations and wedding decor to event shirt designs and custom canvas paintings. You name it! It’s always a joy to create something unique and special for a client.

Your art prints are very detailed and bold. Where does the inspiration come from?

Sometimes it’s from my travels, something that caught my eye on a walk, or even something I pictured in my head while reading. I truly believe inspiration can come from anywhere if you open your eyes and mind to it.

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