Here’s how to redesign your home for spring during COVID-19

The seasons have changed, and with more free time on your hands, it might be time to repaint your walls.

room with white desk and floral wallpaper and bedroom with blue walls and white bed
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Spending time tucked away in your home may sound peaceful at first, but after a few days, you’ll start to fully understand the use of the term stir-crazy.

You might find yourself cleaning out your closet, reorganizing your pantry or moving your furniture around. To help you tackle spring design and give you a new project to help pass the time, we spoke with two local experts about what’s in and what’s out for spring, and just how easy it can be to transform your quarantined space into something refreshing and new during uncertain times. 

Highlights from our conversations with local experts Cynthia Murphy, president of Murphy’s Design, Inc. and Susan Sutter, principal designer and owner of Susan Sutter Interiors, are below. 

Based on this year’s trends thus far, what colors do you think are in for home design in spring 2020?

CM: Based on what we are seeing trending online and the information coming from the fabric and painting industries, I would expect to see yellows emerging and shades of green starting to trend more strongly.

SS: Bold and bright colors! Spring is a time to introduce color into rooms, especially as gray has been so trendy over the last few years, I think people are finally ready for more saturated colors. These colors can be used as a main wall color or accent wall, or even as accessories, pillows and artwork.  Pantone’s color of the year, Classic Blue, is always a favorite as it pairs nicely with oranges, pinks, greens and white.

What colors are your favorites, and where would you like to see them utilized throughout the home?

CM: Not everyone can live with yellow, so for me green becomes my go-to shade. Spring and summer are wonderful seasons for the lighter green and yellow shades to be added to living spaces and bedrooms with pillows and throws. Kitchens and bathrooms with a bright pitcher or vase of flowers, hand towels and throw rugs can completely update the room and work so well with the neutral grays we have been seeing trending for interiors over the last several years. The Northern Virginia area experiences four distinct seasons so adding those summery shades works very well for us when sprinkled throughout the home as accents, then when fall comes we see the harvest tones mix back in.

SS: I love blues, oranges, corals and greens. I have so many requests for blue in design projectsI believe clients often request it because it reflects the world around them, nature, the sky and the sea. It can be both bold and saturated, or muted. Blue pairs well with other colorsespecially those opposite on the color wheel like orange, coral, yellow and pink. I say go big and bold in smaller, less-used spaces like the powder room, laundry, mudroom or bathrooms. In rooms that we use often, like a bedroom, using a muted color will help to create a relaxing and serene retreat to escape the day.

During this crazy time of quarantine, what design suggestions would you give to those who might be eager to paint, redesign an area or move around the furniture?

CM: I have been very active on social channels with the importance of taking advantage of the time you have in your home to declutter and spruce up. When times are stressful and everyone in the house is out of sorts, we need a way to feel some control in our lives. Our personal spaces offer us that opportunity and the simple act of cleaning off tabletops, decluttering bookcases, organizing our pantries and closets can offer that feeling of control. The entire family can take part and it reflects to younger children in the home that things are moving forward and their home is a safe and organized place.

SS: Go for it! Now it seems it’s more important than ever to love the home you are in and make it as comfortable as possible. Paint is a very simple way to add big change to your space with minimal investment, and you can do it yourself during this time of social distancing. Also, consider incorporating more bold colors, textures and prints with accent pillows or accessories. You can easily find these through online vendors like Etsy and swap out throughout the seasons or as trends change. Many designers, like myself, are now offering virtual consultations to provide professional help and design advice if you are unsure of where to start your “quarantine refresh.” We can advise you on selecting the perfect color for your space, how color can change in a room in different light settings, and what types/sheens and brands of paint are best for your project. Also, we are experts in pairing colors and patterns together for a chic look.

What is your favorite part about incorporating spring colors into interior design?

CM: I absolutely love the change of the seasons and bringing into our homes the fresh colors of saffron yellow from daffodils, jade green from new tulip leaves and the pink from our beloved cherry blossoms. They energize a home like a breath of fresh air.

SS: I love spring, it is my favorite season! I love the sense of an awakening from the cold darkness of winter and the new sunlight and longer days. Spring colors are warmer and more fun. The psychology of color suggests that color can set a mood or tone for a space and I agree. Spring colors should invigorate the senses and perk up your mood and the space around you. Warm jewel tones of blues, greens, corals, pinks are all pleasing and funand isn’t that what we all need right now, a little bit of fun?

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about 2020 spring colors and interior design?

CM: It’s more important now than ever before that we take care of our personal spaces. Don’t underestimate what a fresh coat of paint, a few bright pillows and a clean, clutter-free room will have on your mood during these difficult times.

SS: Your home should ultimately be a reflection of you! Spring is the perfect time to refresh both our body and spirit, and our home. Whether you love the current spring trending colors or not, don’t be afraid to take a risk and do something new! What do you have to lose?

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