Most expensive zip codes for renters in Northern Virginia

You may love your rented digs and the neighborhood you’re leasing, but are you paying out more than others in Northern Virginia?

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It is no surprise that there is a cost to living in Northern Virginia. With many of the counties in the area ranking as the most expensive in the country, costs of renting correlate.

With data from Yardi Matrix, RENTCafe, an apartment search website, crunched the numbers on which renters are paying the most for their space. With the national average renter rate of $1,354 in September, more than 50 zip codes in Northern Virginia top that price with the most expensive being in Arlington (22209) coming in at an average rent of $2,348. And that is just the average price. Popular housing locations in the zip code include Rosslyn Heights, London Normandy House and the new Central Place, which has monthly rents climbing into the $9,000s.

Arlington ranks as the 23rd most expensive county for renters in the nation with an average rent of $2,088.

So are you living in one of the most expensive zip codes for renters? Let’s find out.

  1. 22209, Arlington at $2,348
  2. 22207, Arlington at $2,295
  3. 22201, Arlington at $2,239
  4. 22202, Arlington at $2,231
  5. 22102, McLean at $2,206
  6. 22203, Arlington at $2,191
  7. 20190, Reston at $2,178
  8. 22314, Alexandria at $1,989
  9. 22046, Falls Church at $1,943
  10. 22301, Alexandria at $1,900

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While you take in these numbers, or maybe even contemplate switching up your zip code a bit, know that there are other renters who are worse off. Average rent in Manhattan is $6,157; San Francisco averages $4,799; Boston comes in at $4,249; Durham, New Hampshire’s, average rent is $3,541; followed by Seattle ($2,565), Chicago ($2,607), Coral Gables, Florida ($2,619), Austin ($2,555), Philadelphia ($2,528) and Bethesda ($2,392).