Nailed it: Fredericksburg high school students build home through vocational program

BOOTS 25 combined design, electricity, masonry and carpentry curricula into a fully functioning house for a future family.

Photo by Fleur

Building a home is no easy feat. From the foundation to final touches, several hundred students from the vocational program at Stafford High School played a role in every aspect of project BOOTS 25, otherwise known as 277 Deacon Road in Fredericksburg.

Currently for sale for $359,900, the 3,100-square-foot home is a split foyer with five bedrooms and three bathrooms, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and “smart” features, such as the Nest thermostat, ring doorbell and floodlights.

The completed home was a hands-on, all-in final exam for the students, who put their skills to work over the course of a year and a half, and watched the “for sale” sign go up when it was completed in May.

Students used their knowledge of design, drafting, electricity, masonry and carpentry to create the home, gaining confidence through successes and overcoming mishaps, while learning the importance of being intentional with their actions. It would be someone’s home, after all.

The project is funded through the Bringing Occupational Opportunities to Schools (or “BOOTS”) program at Stafford funded by the Stafford County Vocation Education Foundation. Students who participate in the program represent each of the county’s five high schools and spend anywhere from two to five days on-site over 18 months to complete the home.

This is the 25th house built through the program since its first in 1991. All students are required to get the 10-hour OSHA safety certification, with their $1,500 individual fees covered by the program. Just down the road, the BOOTS 23 project home sold for $338,000. All proceeds go directly back into the program’s continuation for future students.

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