NoVA Wars: Pho 2016


NoVA Wars: Pho Edition is back just in time for those chilly, winter days. We’ve placed selected Pho houses at random against each other and we’re leaving the title of BEST PHO in NoVA in your hands!



For those who are new to Pho:
Pho (pronounced fuh) is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup. The broth is usually homemade, by boiling chicken stock or beef in water. The meat which can be found in pho can be virtually anything or a combination of the following: pork, beef, tripe, chicken, barbeque. Pho can be customized to however you wish to eat it.


The numbers have been tallied. Congratulations to PHO 102 (Chantilly) for being voted the best Pho in NoVA!




Thank you to everyone who voted in our NoVA Wars: Pho online competition!