Public Schools Special Programs

Special programs vary by county. Check the school, county or city website for specific criteria and more information.

[ Fairfax County ]

Language Immersion
(French, German, Japanese or Spanish)

Partial Immersion Schools: The world language is not taught as a subject; it instead becomes the language of instruction for part of the curriculum. Two-Way Immersion Kindergarten: Half the class is native Spanish speakers while other half are native English speakers. The kindergarten class focuses on literacy skills in Spanish and English.

Magnet Schools
Schools for Arts and Sciences: Bailey’s and Hunters Woods Elementary have specialized educators focused on the arts, sciences and technology, in partnership with CETA (or Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts) and the U.S. Forest Service.

Young Scholars
Identifying giftedness in children K-2 from diverse backgrounds to prepare students for Gifted and Talented Programs that begin in 3rd grade. Uses multi-age classrooms, looping and other teaching techniques.

Priority Schools
London Towne Elementary: Focused on literacy for population with a wide array of learning styles, backgrounds and abilities.

School-Based Gifted and Talented/Advanced Academics
All schools offer advanced academics but in different levels 1-4, with screening used for placement.


[ Arlington ]
Arlington elementary schools have a variety of internal programs ranging from Language Immersion to STEM (or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Team—emphasizes collaboration, Modified Year Calendar—programs may include problem solving, NASA Explorer or International Baccalaureate.

Arlington Science Focus School
This school is known for its extensive studies of science with a focus on hands-on learning.

Arlington Traditional School
With lottery admittance, the school is known for its high academic performance, traditional philosophy and character development.


[ Prince William County ]
At PWCPS, students may apply for a specialty program in their base school or transfer to specialty programs at other schools, including traditional schools for grades 1-8.

Mathematics and Science
available at Belmont and Sudley Elementary.

Traditional School
Pennington and Porter Schools, grades 1-8, include rigorous academics that are research-based, parent-involvement emphasis, required service hours, application process or lottery.

International Baccalaureate
Prince William is in the process of training eight of its elementary schools to implement the International Baccalaureate program. Currently, Antietam, Dumfries, Rosa Parks, Featherstone, Victory and Ellis Elementary Schools are in the “Consideration Phase” for primary schools.

World Language studies
Spanish and French are offered in space available basis at four elementary schools: Enterprise, River Oaks, Mullen, Tyler for Spanish. Lake Ridge and Signal Hill for French.


[ City of Alexandria ]

Specialized Elementary Schools
The Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology, grades PK-5, has a cross-curricular program, a unique outdoor classroom called the Habitat.

Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy
This school, for grades K-5, has a multicultural curriculum and an emphasis on Core Knowledge (reading and math)—recognized as a State School of Character.

Jefferson-Houston School
For grades K-8, this school has an open classroom design, vocal and instrumental music weekly, family life education and various after-school programs.

Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)
Differentiated services for K-12, K-3 in classroom based on screening. Intermediate students, or grades 4-5, participate in a pullout program to receive daily instruction in language arts, math and science.


[ Loudoun County ]

Gifted Education Program
K-3 children participate in the SEARCH Program for screening, then are funneled into the Futura Program in grades 4-5.
There is also an EDGE Program for disadvantaged students who demonstrate exceptional academic potential.

Futura Program
This center-based enrichment program is for highly gifted students in grades 4-5. Each student attends one full day a week, screened in 3rd grade, immersed in investigations, higher-level thinking

STEM Science and Math
available at Liberty Elementary.


(August 2012)

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