Great Day Spas

These Northern Virginia wellness centers treat not only the body but the mind as well, making sure treatments are targeted for long-term rejuvenation.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk into a spa—stressed, muscles tight, skin shabby—and walk out enveloped in a serene calm with glowing skin, knowing that the feeling will last more than a day? Going to a spa is a mini-getaway in and of itself, but these Northern Virginia wellness centers treat not only the body but the mind as well, making sure treatments are targeted for long-term rejuvenation.

By Tasnim Eboo, Arienne Gascon and Skylar Korby 

Eclips Salon & Day Spa

If you are looking for a full-service spa that has every type of treatment and product imaginable, then Eclips is the one for you. From the moment you walk in you feel calm and relaxed, with sweet aromas and beautiful décor. Eclips Spa has been open for 25 years and has maintained their up-to-date services by sending their staff to classes on what’s new in the fields of hair care, skin care and massage therapy. Manager Alina Dragan says, “We like to make customers feel at home. That it is a relaxing place they can leave work and kids and take time for themselves. It is all about the client feeling good, feeling that they can come and relax and forget everything else.” According to Dragan the most highly sought-out treatments are their facials and massages. All of the massage therapists are licensed and extremely well qualified, offering skin treatments such as deep cleaning and anti-aging facials, as well as an extended variety of massage therapies including deep tissue, full body, prenatal and back and shoulder. For a specialty body treatment that offers relaxation try the aromatherapy or herbology body polish treatments.

The walls are lined with beautiful modern artwork that is for sale and painted by one of the spas’ hair stylists, Terry Roth. This spa has a comforting feel to it and Dragan states that it is “a family company from the owner to the front desk receptionist. We are supportive of one another, and it makes a difference. We don’t just punch in and punch out—it is a nicer environment to work in.” 6643 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA 22101; –TE

Haircuts: $35-$60 (children/men/women)
Color Treatments: $72-$123
Straightening Packages: $350-$750
Hair Removal: $24-$116 (eyebrows, upper lip, bikini, arms, legs, etc.)
Skin Repair: $66-$127 (deep cleaning, anti aging, microdermabrasion, etc.)
Massages: $72-$132 (back & shoulder, full body, prenatal, deep tissue, etc.)
Hands & Feet: $25-$77 (manicure, pedicure, shellac, paraffin, French, etc.)


Aida Spa

The clean, white décor of Aida Spa might suggest a sterility and unfriendliness, but that is anything but what you’ll get from owner, Aida Fekir. Specializing in skin care, facial-body treatments and makeup, Fekir is known for her warm and welcoming personality that puts clients at ease. She individualizes each treatment to bring the best experience to each appointment, and with a laundry list of rave reviews and awards, she’s definitely got the magic touch.

Her most notable achievement is being named to Allure Magazine’s “Best of the Best” list as the Top Rated Brazilian Waxier from 2006-2009. A sugar and honey-based wax, Aida’s Paste is an old Mediterranean recipe she warms in her palms and applies in rolling strokes ($60).

For a customized anti-aging facial packed with peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen and hyaluronic filling agents, Aida Spa also offers the Collagen Hyaluronique Intensive Anti-Aging Facial ($140 for 75 minutes). Comforting stress-relief can be achieved through Warm Bamboo Therapy ($95 for 60 minutes), incorporating the use of various lengths and sizes of heated bamboo and rattan wood.

The spa will soon offer Raindrop Therapy, an aromatherapy and massage service using essential oils that have been clinically tested to have antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Clients can expect relaxation of back, neck and shoulder muscles, an increase of circulation and oxygenation of tissues, and a rise in overall energy, mood and mental outlook that can last long after the service has been completed. Paired with Aida’s expertise and irresistible kindness, that could lead to an indefinite good mood. 1309 King St., 2nd Floor, Alexandria, VA 22314; –SK

Brazilian Wax: $60
Collagen Hyaluronique Intensive Anti-Aging Facial: min. for $140
Warm Bamboo Therapy: 60 min. for $95
Raindrop Therapy: TBA, but typically runs about $90


Waterfalls Wellness Center

This quaint wellness center might look a bit rustic on the outside, but on the inside is quite cozy. Waterfalls offers a variety of spa and massage treatments, offered by both male and female specialists. When clients come in for their first appointment, they fill out a “client intake form to make sure they are better suited to what they need,” says manager and massage therapist Thomas Yates.

Yates says that the most sought out treatments are the therapeutic massage, reflexology massage, organic facials and sugaring hair removal treatments. The massage rooms have wider tables than most spas as well as table warmers and hot towels. They use only organic natural oils and body butter that are made in-house by one of the owners.

For special occasions with a partner, girls’ day or just for fun, there is a couple’s massage room available with robes and slippers and complementary usage of the sauna and shower room. All of the facials, waxing and sugaring treatments are done with natural products by experienced therapists. Yates says that Waterfalls is different because, “We focus on client’s individual needs. We talk to each client and give them a choice. We don’t treat people as a number or like they are in a line.” 

Each month, Waterfalls offers specials depending on the time of the year such as dry skin treatment in the winter months, sports massages in the spring and summer months, and couple’s massages in February for Valentine’s Day. Complimentary services for all customers include the dry sauna, shower, salt scrub and steam room. Waterfalls specifically charges by time, and not by treatment. All treatments are the same price, except for the monthly specials. 307 Maple Ave. W, Suite L, Vienna, VA 22180; –TE

Therapeutic Massages, Body Conditioning Treatments, Body Scrubs, Facial Cleanses, Organic Facials, Signature Skin Care Treatments, Reflexology, Acupressure, Hand/Foot Treatments, Sauna, Waxing/Sugaring Hair Removal
30 min.: $50; 60 min.: $90; 90 min.: $120


Vital Body & Mind Therapies

The exterior of Vital Body & Mind Therapies in the heart of Del Ray gives off a friendly vibe with its bright green paint and potted plants lining the porch steps, but “holistic medicine” might not be your first guess on what the establishment provides. The highly-experienced staff will set the record straight very quickly.

Considering themselves to be more of a health and wellness “center” instead of a “spa,” each practitioner is at the top of their game in terms of professionalism and expertise. Offering specialized treatment in the areas of acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, psychotherapy and more, colon hydrotherapist Melissa McGlone describes the network of small businesses as a “very comprehensive group of different modalities under one roof.” Practitioners work in tandem with each other to offer a healing experience that has multi-faceted benefits.

“A one-stop-shop, if you will,” McGlone explains.

The large team of massage therapists offers services such as Swedish massage, sports massage and posture alignment therapy ranging from $60 for a 30-minute session to $150 for a 90-minute session. To achieve an overall balance, clients can receive detox and colon therapy through colonic treatments for $95 per treatment. Oxygen sauna treatments are also offered for $80 for 30 minutes.

McGlone credits the “progressive and diverse community” in which Vital Body & Mind Therapies is located for being so receptive to the various services that they offer. “The practitioners aim to treat the whole person in one cohesive environment,” she says. 2201 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301; –SK

Swedish Massage: 30 min. for $60, 90 min. for $150
Sports Massage: 30 min. for $60, 90 min. for $150
Posture Alignment Therapy: 30 min. for $60, 90 min. for $150
Colonic Treatments: $95
Oxygen Sauna Treatments: 30 min. for $80


Chaan Thai Massage

Chaan Thai Massage gives off an instant sense of quiet and calm upon entering. The spa focuses on the healing art of chaan Thai massage and the secret well-being of Siam, and provides a number of treatments which are done in the secluded rooms towards the back to provide silence and privacy. Dim lighting, comfortable seating with cushions and complimentary Unwind Foot-Bath with pure essential oils make the customer feel at ease immediately. The services offered are based around Thai massage and include: Chaan Fusion Signature massage, Healing Art of Chaan Thai massage, Chaan Thai Herbal Poultice massage, Chaan Anti-Stress Massage, Rejuvenating Head and Should Massage, Holistic Healing Stone massage and Healing Art of Thai Reflexology foot massage.

Each massage has features that are unique with a collaboration of herbal steam compress, deep stretching, pressure points and ancient healing. The Thai background provides customers with good blood circulation and less stress through deep tissue massage and a combination of stretching techniques. Chaan Thai has six therapy rooms and offers specials throughout the year such as Valentine’s Day specials featuring free 30-minute massage with any one-hour massage, and the Ying Yang Couple’s Massages with a 10-percent discount for any couple massage treatments with 90 minutes or more. Chaan Thai also offers promotions to customers each month via their mailing list. 8300 Arlington Blvd., Suite C3, Fairfax, VA 22031; –TE

Specialty Massages: 60-120 min. for $25-$185
Yin Yang Couple’s Chaan Massages: 30 min. for $55
Essential Chaan Hand Care: 30-60 min. for $45-$85
Essential Chaan Foot Care: 30-60 min. for $45-$85
Sinus Relief Massage: 30 min. for $45


Serendipity Wellness Studio 

Privately owned and operated Serendipity Wellness Studio strives to ensure each customer’s improvement of physical comfort, while instilling a positive outlook of overall health. You won’t find any hot tubs or steam rooms here, because they emphasize they are not a spa. The center takes a holistic approach to a better you, specializing in treatments where they are professionally certified such as: Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Traditional Thai Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Lypotherapy and Lypossage spa therapies. Each technique is designed to accurately target sources of discomfort and improve the bodies functioning.

Relax your mind with one of their various rejuvenating facials. Experience your body being cleansed with the all-natural ingredients used in each session. Their skincare and holistic products are purposely purchased from other small-owned and operated businesses in America. Products like the Doterra essential oils are made from the purest essential oils in the world. These oils can be used as natural alternatives in holistic self-care practices and dietary aids to promote vitality and well-being. Receive total body and wellness improvement classes, free of charge, to all customers who wish to participate. Treated on an individual basis, appointments are set 30 minutes apartallowing for questions, concerns or any other personal issues that may need to be discussed.

Join their membership club and get a range of services and savings all year long. Not sure about becoming a member? Try their buy-in-bulk options and you’ll still save while using your purchases at your leisure. 8990-A Fern Park Drive, Burke, VA, 22015; –AG

Traditional Thai Massage: 90 min. for $125, two-hour treatment for $165
AromaTouch Technique: 60 min. for $100, 30 min (add on) for $50
The “Works” Organic Facial: 60 min. for $100, 90 min. for $140
Hot Stone Facial: 60 min. for $115, 90 min. for $160
GeniSkin Anti-Acne Facial: 60 min. for $125
Age Restoration Anti-Aging Facial: 60 min. for $130, 90 min. for $165
Collagen Crystal Organic Facial: 75 min. for $130

Massage and Body Work
Custom Therapeutic Massage: 30-120 min. for $50-$165
Isometric Muscle Balancing: 60 min. for $90
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy: 60 -120 min. for $90-$165


The Teal Center For Therapeutic Bodywork

Whatever your ailment The Teal Center For Therapeutic Bodywork is the destination for your recovery specializing in clinical massage therapy, bodywork and acupuncture, to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve performance and enhance your overall health.

Therapists as well as acupuncturists are professionally trained to ensure each specialist is qualified by the state of Virginia. With comfortable spacious rooms located in Randolph Towers and Virginia Hospital they have a wide variety of procedures to combat any level of pain, and provide services for a vast range of patients from athletes to the chronically ill. Such specialized care provided for patients include individuals undergoing treatment for cancer as well as women during pregnancy and following childbirth. Having the benefit of one of their locations being in a hospital setting, they are able to work with inpatients before and after surgery. They also get to provide services during inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, as well as offering comfort care for persons near the end of life.

Apart from working with the on-site hospital staff they also take patients that have been referred by their doctor’s offices, the hospital’s physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation departments, and a variety of groups within the hospital system and Arlington community. Teal not only takes a medical approach to your body’s health, but also takes the proper steps in alleviating and eliminating further pain for your overall quality of life. Randolph Towers, 4001 9th St. N, Suite 230, Arlington, VA 22203; Virginia Hospital Center, 1701 N. George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA 22205; –AG

Massage & Body Work:
Standard sessions: 30 min. for $60; 45 min. for $75; 60 min. for $95; 90 min. for $140; 120 min. for $190
Initial Craniosacral Therapy: 90 min. for $140
Initial Muscle Activation Techniques:90 min. for $140
Initial Trager: 90 min. for $140
Initial Acupuncture: 90-120 min. for $140


Alternative Health Associates

Stepping through the door at Alternative Health Associates in Old Town Alexandria, you would never know that cars were whizzing by out front on busy North Washington Street. There is a relaxation about the entire place that instantly brings peace of mind. Although the building is small, the massage rooms feel cozy, not cramped, and everything is neat and organized without feeling medicinal.

Owner Maureen Schantz focuses on the well-being aspect of the spa by promoting health both inside and out. Specializing in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, Schantz calls the four-phase, clinically-proven protocol “Your last diet!” It helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar while burning fat and maintaining muscle and lean tissue. Unlike most weight loss programs, the Method helps participants keep their lost pounds off after dieting via one-on-one weekly coaching. Combining results and valuable nutrition education, the program introduces each dieter to a new and effective way to lose pounds and sustain long-term results.

In addition, AHA offers various types of massage, such as Swedish [Relaxation] Massage ($95 for 60 minutes; $134 for 90 minutes); Aromatherapy Massage ($144 for 90 minutes); and Pregnancy Massage ($73 for 30 minutes; $105 for 60 minutes). Clients are also big fans of the skin care services, such as Microdermabrasion ($80 for an introductory treatment; $145 for each individual treatment) and permanent hair removal through electrolysis (ranging from $49-128 for a 15-60 minute session). 215 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314; –SK

Swedish [Relaxation] Massage: 60 min. for $95, 90 min. for $134
Aromatherapy Massage: 90 min. for $144
Pregnancy Massage: 30 min. for $73, 60 min. for $105
Microdermabrasion: introductory treatment $80; individual treatment $145
Electrolysis Hair Removal: 15-60 min. for $49-128


Photos: Ersler Dmitry/ (facials);  Courtesy of Eclips Salon & Day Spa (lobby, chairs); Tasnim Eboo (products); Erick Gibson (Facials, body butter); Bork/ (acupuncture); Courtesy of Chaan Thai Massage (Chaan Thai Massage); Courtesy of Serendipity WEllness Stuio (Serendipity Wellness Studio); Mollie Tobias (The Teal Center); Subbotina Anna/ (towel)


(May 2013)