Forage Consignment & Vintage

Browse this vintage boutique in Old Town Fredericksburg.

Photo by Aaron Spicer.

You can find Forage Consignment and Vintage surrounded by other unique boutiques in the heart of the downtown area described by some as a ‘hipster Old Town’.

Atmosphere and Attitude:
Co-owners Alicia Austin and Megan Parry take pride in that they pay attention to aesthetics in their “trendy re-sale shop”. Forage is furnished with organic plywood, with a natural environment that exudes lightness and a welcoming, open space. They also make their own displays and alter them according to season. 

Bread & Butter: Garments are mostly vintage, ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s. Forage also carries popular brands such as J. Crew, Anthropologie, Target and even labels from the upscale department store, Neiman Marcus.

Sweet Surprises:Customers will happily learn that while many items in the store derive from affordable retailers, exquisite pieces from designers like Philip Lim and Missoni have been known to find their way into the store.

Fiercest Fans: The boutique is frequented by many college students from Mary Washington, and customers between the ages of 20 to the mid-40s.

Blows to the Budget: Garments are priced from as little to $6 to $600. Rest assured that you’ll be able to find at least one piece you’ll love at this truly innovative and charming boutique. Head to Fredericksburg to discover Forage—it’s worth the trip.
Lucie Silvano

(November 2013)