Stuart Nordin Home & Design

This home design shop just off the main strip in Old Town holds a wealth of decor treasures.

Photo by Erick Gibson.

This home design shop just off the main strip in Old Town with calming blue-painted brick and a classic black-and-white striped awning gives a hint to the discerning taste of the merchandise it holds inside.

Entering Stuart Nordin Home & Design is nothing short of lovely. With soft, country music playing in the background, this cozy home accessories boutique exudes warmth. A welcoming brightness fills the store with its white furnishings and comfortable, cushy chairs.

Bread and Butter:
Of the many unique brands Stuart Nordin Home & Design carries, Rablabs from New York is a must-see. One of the owner’s favorite items is the Agat serving pieces; these crystal napkin rings are hand-cut and composed of natural stone. If you’re looking for a rare look, check out Chicago-based home accessories company Burough and Hive. The company creates every design ranging from scarves to pillows to tote bags.

Sweet Surprises:
Owner Stuart Nordin handpicks every item in the store, and each piece tells a personal story, with many of her merchandise coming from treasures she discovered on her travels. During her visit to Brazil over New Year’s, she brought back with her innate stone rings that have almost sold out. Don’t forget to ask about handmade pillows that journeyed all the way from Uzbekistan.

Fiercest Fan:
Nordin describes her clientele as people who are in search for special things when adorning their home. Many mothers in the neighborhood frequent her store as well as husbands and boyfriends looking to buy gifts for their significant others. Customers consist of all ages.

Blows to the Budget:
Something for everyone exists at Stuart Nordin Home & Design with items priced as little as $10. Home furnishings start from $245-$3,000 with art pieces beginning at $125.
—Lucie Silvano

Destination: Stuart Nordin Home & Design
101 S. St. Asaph St., Alexandria; 571-357-1144

(December 2013)