Q&A: BryanBoy

Fashion blogger and Internet celebrity Bryanboy talks about the hot new trends of 2014.

Bryan Boy
Courtesy of Cassandra Sturos

This past October, Tysons Galleria celebrated ‘25 Years of Luxury‘ with a variety of incredible events and special appearances from the Washington Ballet, Fox Five Morning News Anchor Allison Seymour, PR powerhouse Aliza Licht and superblogger Bryanboy.

We had the chance to briefly chat with the latter, who was featured in Vogue’s ‘Power’ issue and has collaborated on collections with the top luxury brands, about his favorite trends to try in the New Year and the future of blogs.

Q: What is the one standout fashion trend in the New Year that you are most looking forward to wearing?
A: Flashback to the 90s! Spring 2014 is all about an homage to the 90s—clean, minimal looks, preferably in pastels.

Q: What changes would you like to see on fashion blogs
to offer a fresher perspective for 2014?
A: It’s not so much about a fresher perspective, but consistency. What I always look for at blogs is the ability of a blogger to transport a reader like myself to a different place. I love blogs that make me dream.

Angela Bobo (January 2014)