Shop Talk: The Style by Coco

In an area more known for Korean cuisine, a fashion boutique rests as an undiscovered treasure.

Photo by Jonathan Timmes.


Destination: Hidden in the Old Centreville Crossing Shopping Center, nestled between the H-Mart and Spa World, this high fashion boutique is found in an area typically known for fine Korean cuisine.

Photo by Jonathan Timmes.

Atmosphere: Entering into the boutique feels like walking into Coco’s personal closet. In fact, the owner immediately greets you like an old friend and steers you toward the new arrivals and must-have pieces. White vintage inspired wooden full-length mirrors are scattered throughout the store and the light blue walls create a calming and comfortable shopping experience.

Bread and Butter: All of the pieces are hand-selected from Korea by the owner, and are very similar to the on-trend fashions found on popular street style blogs. Coco specializes in printed and brightly colored pieces in classic and unique silhouttes.

Sweet Surprises: Because of the roomy fit, many of the items are ‘one size fits all.’ This may seem intimidating, but customers will be pleasantly surprised to find that the pieces favor a variety of body types and look different-yet equally as stylish-on every one. In addition, Coco will always offer honest advice on the fit of a garment.

Fiercest Fan: Women who enjoy having fun with fashion, or crave a break from the typical chain-store offerings, appreciate shopping at this boutique. Style knows no age limits, and on any given day you can find a college student and a woman over 50 browsing the racks.

Blows to the Budget: Prices run on average between $20 and $300.

13826-C Braddock Road, Centreville

Photo by Jonathan Timmes.


(January 2014)

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