Create Custom Designs with Bow & Drape

Create the perfect garment every time with Bow & Drape’s online design studio.

Bow & Drape creates fun, custom clothing. Photo courtesy of


Fast fashion churns out trendy products at an impressive rate, and sometimes we accept items that aren’t quite right in an effort to stay on top of the trends. Zappo’s founder Tony Hseish recognized the need to find a balance between perfect fit and affordable prices when he backed the online retailer Bow & Drape. The brand customizes everything from dresses to 3D printed belts—even bikinis! My personal favorite is the short-sleeve ‘Billie’ sweatshirt, which you can customize with sequin letters and appliqués. Every garment can be personalized in the design studio and provides you with a realistic representation of what you can expect the garment to look like. The possibilities are endless so head over to the website now and get creative.