Shop Talk: Richard Allen Clothing

Head to Richard Allen Clothing in Middleburg for classic gentleman’s clothing.

Photo by Mollie Tobias.

Destination: Avoid the traffic and congestion of your usual haunts and head to historic Middleburg, where you will find this classic gentleman’s store on the corner of the main strip. While the men are getting dapper, ladies can pop into the womenswear store Duchessa, located right next door.

Photo by Mollie Tobias.

Atmosphere: Composed of two log cabins from the mid-1700s and over 2,000 square feet, the store is split into three separate rooms according to the type of apparel: classic sportswear, jeans and outdoor-wear, as well as suits and sports coats.

Bread and Butter: “Our specialty is custom tailoring and we are known nationally for our service and attention to fine tailoring detail. Having a master tailor full-time on the premises gives us a distinct advantage to finish a garment in-house,” says owner Rick Bechtold. You also are guaranteed to find an array of fine sweater and sport shirt combinations.

Sweet Surprises: You won’t find average jeans here, as the store creates
a custom high-quality 5-pocket moleskin-cotton jean in England. Denim jeans are also shipped from Germany on a weekly basis.

Fiercest Fan: Men who still believe in proper dressing and those who enjoy “a relationship with a true old world men’s haberdashery” will find all that they need in this one location.

Blows to the Budget: Prices upon request. -Angela Bobo

(February 2014)