Morph Your Wardrobe With a Single Dress

The only dress you’ll ever need can be worn in an endless number of ways. Sonja From Thieves’ METAmorph Dress is available for pre-order now.

By Taylor Ness

Sonja From Thieves’ METAmorph Dress
Sonja From Thieves’ METAmorph Dress. Photo by Blaise Misiek.

Is it possible that we’ve found the best spring dress already? While this new product is called the METAmorph Dress, we don’t think that quite covers it. Available in three different lengths, Sonja From Thieves’ METAmorph Dress is taking the meaning of versatile to a whole new level. Not only is this piece certified organic, it can also be worn in over 24 ways. The possibilities are endless with this dress that can be worn long or short, sleeveless or one shoulder, or even hooded on a rainy day. The bamboo fabric is sustainably made using a closed loop production process, leaving you comfortable any way you chose to wear it. It is available now for pre-order, with deliveries starting in the beginning of May.