MAC By Request Brings Back Your Favorite Products

This is no April Fool’s Joke. MAC ‘By Request,’ launching today, is bringing back your favorite discontinued lipstick and eyeshadow shades.

By Taylor Ness

MAC Lipstick
MAC Lipstick. Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.

MAC‘s newest line, available for purchase online today might give you déjà vu. That’s because By Request is comprised entirely of your favorite discontinued lipsticks and eyeshadows. Fan’s voted on their most missed shades, and the three winning lipsticks and eyeshadows were revealed: MAC Lipstick in Pink PoodleGlam and Hoop, each $15, and MAC Eye Shadow in Diesel, Fiction and Butterscotch, each $16. Most of these shades date back to the 90’s, with the youngest being Pink Poodle from the 2000 Valentine’s Day Collection. But don’t get too attached – or reattached – to these products because once they sell out, they aren’t coming back.