Shopping Simplified: Be Mini Couture

Now your kids can wear designer labels without the fear of destroying them.
Photo courtesy of Nicole Chan Photography.

The days when we dressed our child in a designer outfit—only to have them rip, stain and ruin it forever—are in the past. Now we have Be Mini Couture, the online store that lets you browse, rent and dress your kid in high-quality, clean clothes.

The e-retailer offers clothes for girls and boys and has sections for wedding attire and accessories. If your child stains or tears an outfit, don’t panic.

Each garment is 100-percent insured because they know, as well as you do, how accident-prone kids can be. Choose from designers like Dior, Chloe and Fendi—all of which are shipped for free and returned in a pre-paid envelope. Clothing can be ordered and delivered within two to four days and returned five days after it is received. —Taylor Ness

(April 2014)