Hair Trends that Beat the Heat

We called in the experts to review hottest hair trends to help you beat the end of summer heat.

By Christina Marino

The hottest month of the summer is in full swing and some of us are more than ready for a beauty change. What is the best way to change your beauty routine without going under the knife? A fresh new haircut that is ready for your last warm weather getaways and end of summer cookouts. But how do you determine what new look is right for you? We called in the experts at Salon Bleu in Tysons Galleria and PR at Partners in Tysons Corner on how to stay cool for whatever look you’re going for.


The Modern Bob

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For the first breezy style cut – we trimmed it for details. “There is a bob for everyone. The diva is in the details.” says Mary Shaffer, Fresh Look Director at PR at Partners, “The perfect bob for you is the most flattering shape you can wear. To find your magic angle place a comb or a chopstick from the corner of your smile to the tip of your ear. The difference between a ‘mom bob’ and Kate Upton sexpot lays in regular upkeep and finishing product.”


Sleek Pixie

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When attempting the modern pixie cut Kathleen Oelschlager, stylist at Salon Bleu, gives us some easy styling tips. “On wet hair use an anti frizz serum to keep the curl away,” she advises, “blow dry hair from above so there isn’t volume. You want the hair to lay flat so it lays in the shape of [the] cut. When dry add wax or paste to define shattered ends [and] to bring out [the] texture.”


Long Layers

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Those long summer locks – don’t we all just crave them? “Long layers will give extra oomph to natural texture and gives a great base to curling mermaid waves.” says Shaffer, “There are as many kinds of layers as there are fishes in the sea. Collect photos of your favorite long looks to discuss with your stylist.” 


Wavy Bob

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To get that “I woke up like this” Beyoncé style bob start applying a curl creme right after the shower, Oelschlager says. “Apply creme in small sections going [through] gently between fingers. Side wept bangs frame the face and [a] blunt cut accentuates the jaw line.”

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