Shopping Simplified: RunwayStop.com

A NoVinian has found the fastest way to buy runway-caliber fashion online.

Photo courtesy of runwaystop.com.

For those fashion savvy people that enjoy spending hours watching runway show rebroadcasts online you sometimes find yourself more tired than inspired.

After cycling through all the looks that are sent down the runway, then comes the process of determining the best trends and finding them for purchase. But really, who has time for that. RunwayStop.com, founded by Northern Virginia native David Levit, is your one-stop destination for all the latest runway trends.

The best part? For each runway image there are options to purchase similar designs from accessible retailers. Imagine runway styles finally at your fingertips, and just a click away. Shop the latest trends on their website or download their free app RunwayStop available at the iTunes App Store.-Christina Marino

(August 2014)

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