These makeup mistakes may be aging you

A Tyson’s Corner makeup artist tells us what techniques and products aging individuals should abandon.

Senior woman in front of mirror putting makeup on
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With so many supposed “miracle” products on the market, it’s hard to know which will yield the best results.

According to Alina Karaman, a makeup artist based in Tyson’s Corner, as we age, our beauty and skincare routine should likewise mature. Karaman’s business, Makeup & Hair by Alina Karaman, specializes in wedding and event makeup, but she also freelances as a makeup artist for several television networks.

When it comes to makeup, aging doesn’t mean abandoning creativity, though Karaman claims that certain acts may be adding years to your skin.

Face primers are moisturizing agents that help prepare the skin for the application of liquid or powder application. When used correctly, they can minimize pores and even skin tone. When used incorrectly (not blending in product fully), Karaman says they can actually create unnecessary layers on the skin, which create a “cakey” look that instantly makes you look older.

“It’s important to use moisturizer at any age,” Karaman says, but “the older we get, the dryer the skin.”  Using a moisturizer after you wash your face in the morning (and at night) not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles over time, but gives your skin a glowing, dewy look.  For best results, Karaman advises applying moisturizer to clean skin roughly 10 minutes before you begin applying makeup.

Eye shadow
If you’re going for a younger look, Karaman recommends sticking to a matte eye shadow because, “shimmer can highlight every little wrinkle that’s out there.”  A reflective eye shadow settles into the creases on your eyelid, whereas using a matte shadow does the opposite—it blurs out those lines. If you feel like a matte shadow is a little lackluster, try adding some highlight under the eyebrow and at the center of the eyelid.

Darker, waxier lipsticks tend to age you by drying out the lips and “bleeding” outside of the lip line. Instead, try using a lighter base with a touch of gloss on top.  “I only use three lip colors for everyone, but I have about eight different glosses and lip liners. With [these] I can create endless color combinations,” says Karaman.

Full, bold brows are on trend and can make anyone look younger and more vibrant. To fill in thin eyebrows, Karaman uses a combination of both powder and pencil. “I create the shape with the pencil and go over the top with powder [using] an angled brush.”