Local stylists discuss this season’s hair trends

Fall is all about cooler tones and easy upkeep.

Photo courtesy of Colour Bar Studio

As falling leaves continue to carpet the ground, beauty and style connoisseurs can’t help but to ask, what seasonal change should I make next? If you’ve already stocked your closet with the standard boots and sweaters, your next fall to-do may be updating your fading summer locks.

This season, local stylists claim color trends are moving toward the cooler end of the spectrum and that texturized, effortless hair is here to stay.

Ash Tones

Colour Bar Studio owner Tania Ferrel-Saldana says that since the temperatures have dropped, her stylists have been flooded with requests for ashy-blonde hair. Ashy tones are easy to achieve in salon with the right toner, but require some maintenance at home. Frequent washing and exposure to sunlight can turn ashy tones yellow, so using a purple shampoo once a week is critical to ensure that you maintain your ideal tone.


“Ombre is out,” says Tysons Corner’s PR at Partners co-owner, Lauren Dufresne. “Balayage is the new way to achieve that perfect blend from dark into light.”

Photo courtesy of Colour Bar Studio

When clients come in asking for balayage hair, they’re usually referring to a technique that involves strategically painting color onto hair by hand. Stylists use a range of colors to create highlights and lowlights that add dimension throughout the sheath. Using this technique, highlights are typically farther apart (or non-existent) at the root and closer together at the tip, which grows in softer (and needs fewer updates) than traditional foil highlights.


Bronde—a combination of blonde and brown hair—is a brown base with bright blonde highlights closer to the ends of the hair, which can be achieved either with foils or hand painting (the balayage technique) depending upon a client’s preferred result. The darker root makes upkeep easier.

“Clients using professional shampoos, conditioners and toners at home will love how much time they can go in between salon visits,” says Colour Bar’s Tania Ferrel-Saldana. “When brondes do come in for that touch up, it can be for just a glaze. They sometimes don’t even need more color.”

Perfectly Undone

Snooze-button lovers will rejoice in knowing that perfectly blown out, glamorous hair is no longer necessary. Subtle, beachy waves have taken over runways and Instagram feeds alike, a look that can be achieved with a deep conditioner and a touch of texturizing spray. If you’re stretching out time between washes, Ferrel-Saldana says to put the top half of your hair in a messy bun with the bottom half of your hair flowing in undone waves for an effortless, bohemian look.