Freshen up your look with this year’s trends

Covering cut, color and style, area experts weigh-in on 2018’s most-admired looks.

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Personally my favorite is almost a grown-out straight bang, so it’s cut long, in-your-eyes and straight. –Nick Landay, stylist at PR at Partners

The hair cut trend for 2018 [will] still be the super textured lob to textured shag. Definitely one of the star styles. Length must brush the earlobes along with plenty of texture at the ends to give it a youthful versatility and yet edgy [look]. –Don Dao, stylist at D-Rock


Sleeker is in, hair is less poofy, less fluffy, less grungy. There’s a lot more polish, it’s all about adding that shine back in. –Dufresne, stylists at PR at Partners

Straight hair is out; we’re seeing lots of fringe and side parts. Soft waves, texture and volume are in; we do a lot of those effortless half buns. Extensions are also huge for 2018. They create fullness without much effort. –Ferrel-Saldaña, Colour Bar founder

The styling trend for 2018 is more relaxed, loose and natural [that] go along with effortless cuts. A beach-breeze look is the must have for chic nonchalance. Textured waves and natural curls are definitely in for 2018. –Dao

Color Trends

Everything is going a lot cooler; a lot softer and more beige, ashy tones. Even if it’s warm, they’re cooler warms. Even people who want pinks and oranges want muted pinks and oranges, like a creamsicle orange. –Dufresne

Browns are probably the biggest thing, and cooler, softer tones. Clients come in asking for a mix of warm browns and golds. And, believe it or not, clients are still asking for those fantasy colors and pastels. –Ferrel-Saldaña

Color trends for 2018 [range] from highly pigmented, brightly colored hair—from canary yellow to electric blue along with fluorescent pink for fun, chic [city] girls—to the more wearable, effortless muted color palette of soft yet intense version of colors found in nature. Its more simplistic and earthy. –Dao

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