Of-the-moment hair treatments

Lauren Dufresne and Mary Shaffer, co-owners and stylists at PR at Partners give us the dish on the treatments you should work into your schedule.

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Keratin Treatments

“Keratin treatments are not [deep conditioning], they can make the hair feel smoother and shinier because of what it does to the cuticle of the hair, but that is absolutely just a de-frizzing and straightening treatment. A lot of companies who make keratin treatments do also make heat-activated split end menders but a keratin treatment in and of itself is not a deep conditioning treatment, it’s a straightening treatment.” –Shaffer

Kerastase Treatments

“After color services, I love Kerastase Express treatment. I did one on my hair the last time I had my color done and it makes such a difference in shine and sealing of the cuticle and making the color last. You can mix and match the [Kerastase] treatment for the client’s needs, so if someone wants repair and shine or someone wants fullness but they also want repair you can do that. And this is only in-salon—it’s very concentrated—but you can get the Kerastase shampoo and conditioner. But for after color services I love it for that instant difference, and it lasts, for me, about three to four weeks.” –Dufresne


“When it’s applied to a lightening service it can help preserve some of those extreme colors. Like if you’re pushing to whites and greys and high fashion colors.” –Shaffer

Oribe Gold Lust

“It is a game changer. It also has collagen and caffeine in it so it’s meant to stimulate hair growth. So for those people who have had breakage or any kind of hair fall out it’s meant to go roots to ends, it’s great. Also, for shine love the Oribe color shine treatment. For dehydration Kerastase is where it’s at for deep hydration. A couple of good ones are their Elixir and they also have their Discipline.” –Shaffer

How often should you do an intense conditioning treatment?

Get one between each color treatment. We put a deep, intensive mask and put the client under the dryer for about 10 to 15 minutes. It rejuvenates the hair and gives it some of the natural oils. –David Bakir, creative director and principal at Jon David Salon

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