Summer-proof your hair

NoVA salon professionals tell us how to keep hair in tip-top shape no matter what you put it through this season.

Mask on, Mask off

With the mask craze that has rocked the skin care industry, we may neglect to check the ongoing list of unpronounceable chemicals found on the back of your “organic” $2.50 drug store mask. Like the food you put in your body, you need to check the products you lather on your hair.  So what should you look for? Kate Noda from Top Style by Kate Noda says the five ingredients you should be looking for in hair masks are natural oils, butters, protein, water and aloe vera. Elissa Rue from Ronnie Elias Salon searches for hair masks with key ingredients such as matcha butter, glycerin and shea butter to treat, protect and restore locks.

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Conditioner is Key

Conditioning your hair may not reverse your hair’s damage, but Rue says that conditioning your hair with conditioner before entering the pool can protect hair from harsh chemicals. Her go-to conditioner?  Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser Invisible Oil Conditioner. Before diving in, Cindi Dean from Eclipse Salon and Day Spa suggests wetting your hair with regular tap water because wet hair doesn’t absorb as much of the chlorinated water as dry hair does. Regardless, Rue advises washing your hair immediately after swimming with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Texture Sprays 

Put the heavy cream and mousse away for the summer and spring and swap it with a lighter, salty mist for bouncy waves.

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Sunscreen for your hair? 

When imaging sunscreen for hair, the idea of massaging thick, white SPF into your hair may come to mind. However, it is not what you think, nor is it a waste of money according to Rue. She explains that hair sunscreen is the “most effective way to prevent discoloration and protect hair from sun exposure and color fading.” Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser Invisible Oil Heat and UV Protective Primer is Rue’s choice hair sunscreen for repelling UV rays and heat damage.

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