Sunless tanning alternatives for healthier, golden skin

A day at the pool or beach sounds blissful, but not for your skin. Thanks to the sunless tanning products on the market today, you can say goodbye to orange-tinged hands and an overly bronzed body and hello to a safe summer glow.

Photo by Nadine Weiser, Pexels

Tanning Towels and Towelettes 

This isn’t your standard makeup or baby wipe. In fact, one swipe of one of these products allows self-tanning milk to transform your skin into a golden glow. No sun or SPF 7 sunscreen required; application is streak-free and easy so you can wipe and walk.

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Tanning Pills 

Tanning pills are like the shake weight of non-FDA approved drugs: people claim they work, but you just don’t see how it’s possible—though it is. The active ingredient in most tanning pills is canthaxanthin, a mixture of yellow and red colors found in processed foods, but also natural foods like shellfish, carrots and mushrooms. Even though there aren’t copious amounts of research on tanning pills or canthaxanthin’s effectiveness in tanning, there are different tanning pill options on the market that are not FDA approved. Don’t want to pump your body with pills made of suspicious substances? Try natural vitamins to sustain healthy skin, like Vitamin D.


Bronzer has gotten lost in the contour craze, but is still a great way to chisel your face while adding an angelic, golden glow.

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Tanning Lotion & Mousse

As a person who strolls through life with pale skin and ashy elbows, tanning lotions are a gift from the tanning heavens. Not only can you get bronzed skin within a couple hours of applying, you will feel moisturized from elbows to toes.

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Spray Tanning 

Yes, spray tans can be an effective way to look like a glimmering goddess without sun.

Yes, spray tans do exist outside the world of Toddlers and Tiaras.  

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