These are the prettiest beauty trends to try this fall

NoVA-based professional makeup artist and wardrobe stylist Meredith Ehler shares her outlook on the upcoming season.

Photo by Candice Picard

Transitioning your beauty routine into the fall season may seem simple: a little more moisturizer at night to account for dry skin, darker eye shadow shades for going out and new nail polishes to match your fall color palette.

But when it comes to trends, do you know what to expect for fall 2019? We spoke with Meredith Ehler, local professional makeup artist and wardrobe stylist, about what she’s seeing on the horizon in terms of beauty and hairstyles, and what excites her most.

What have you started to see in beauty trends for fall, and what are you most excited about?
The fall is offering a lot of freedom in the beauty realm. I love that red lips never go out of style, and that we can wear them matte, or add a glossy top coat. I love the monochromatic eyes, for day or night, in smoky tones. I also have loved seeing pinks and terracottas being added to the smoky category this year.

Speaking of colors, what colors are taking over for fall 2019?
Neon colors and bright colors are showing up as bold eyeliner this year, and they are still around for fall. Pinks, greens, blues, even orange, can be used as liner. Some designers used glitter on top of the liner or as the liner itself. Plus, Ox Blood for a red lip is definitely the color of the season.

What should readers be changing in their makeup routines when transitioning from summer to fall?
Trends like glowing skin and perfectly placed highlight (on the cheek bones or to frame the face) is always in style. For the fall, you can go bolder or smokier. Lashes can also be bolder, even Twiggy-esque, and liners can go off into the cat eye realm.

What fall 2019 trends are you seeing in hairstyles this year?
Hair on the runway could be seen embellished with barrettes, headbands and thick, bold braids. I feel like that gives us permission to go one of two ways—understated or bold. Some designers styled with almost no face makeup, but featured a bold or glittery eye. Some lips were matte and understated but others were bold and glossy. Think of it this way: when hair is a centerpiece of your look, you can either play up your makeup to balance out your hair, or you can let the hair speak for itself and go monochromatic or matte with your makeup look.

What trends do you want to see really hit their stride in beauty this year?
My motto is, “There is no thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to lashes (or designer handbags).” So, the idea that bold lashes and over-the-top liner is trending makes me thrilled! I think there is something to that old adage that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whenever my makeup clients are self-conscious about their skin or a facial feature, my answer is always to play up the eyes. I promise them that when they enter a room with a bold and beautiful smoky eye loaded with lashes that no one will notice whatever it was that was bothering them!

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