King Spa & Sauna sets sights on opening Loudoun County location this summer

The Koreans-style spa will boast nearly 10 different sauna rooms, therapeutic and recreational pools, and various spa services in South Riding.

pools in korean spa
Pools are likely to fill up to 14,000 square feet of the new King Spa & Sauna space in South Riding. This shot was taken at King Spa & Sauna in Niles, Illinois. (Photo courtesy of King Spa & Sauna)

It almost sounds unreal: a spa open 24 hours a day, seven days a week that is home to dozens of pools, themed rooms for bodily healing and entertainment areas for kids when parents head off to chill, steam or soak the day away. 

Don’t worry, you’re not dreaming. The spa is real. A 62,500-square-foot building began to rise on Route 50 in South Riding recently, and it was in early 2014 when Loudoun County’s zoning officials approved the abundant space for King Spa & Sauna to open a new outpost on the East Coast.

Six years later, the jimjibang (Korean-style spa) still has no scheduled opening date. But, there is hope. On the short and sweet website, the company is setting its sights on opening in summer 2020. 

The incoming spa center is much like its soon-to-be rival Spa World in Centreville, and will offer guests access to ancient Asian healing techniques with exposure to Korean heat therapy, natural elements and relaxing spa services meant to help you feel rejuvenated well past your visit. 

According to the original design proposal and other locations, King Spa & Sauna will boast nine hot saunas, with the hottest being the Bulhanjeung Mak, meant to help guests sweat profusely in order to “detoxify and purify the body.”

room fills with amethyst crystals at korean spa
Rooms at the Northern Virginia location could include a charcoal room, salt room, ice room or one like this (located in Niles, Illinois) filled with amethyst crystals and infrared heat. (Photo courtesy of King Spa & Sauna)

Other rooms may include a charcoal room (meant to fill the room with negative ions and purify the air), a heated room with amethyst crystals (which combines the benefits of infrared rays and the absorptive nature of amethyst crystals) and an ice room (chilled to just above freezing in order to stimulate blood flow throughout the body). 

The specific room types have yet to be announced for the Loudoun County outpost, but each of these offerings is currently available at other locations within the national brand. The company currently operates three other spas across the country, with one in Palisades Park, New Jersey, another in Niles, Illinois and a third in Dallas, Texas. 

As for the potential 14,000 square feet of recreational and therapeutic pools, some are meant for children and families, while others are fully nude and solely dedicated to relaxation and therapeutic purposes for adults. No bathing suits or flip-flops allowed, either.

Pools are heated and cooled, and guests must shower before entering. Certain areas will have time limits (as do the saunas, for 20 minutes per time you enter), and areas are gender-segregated. 

Throughout the rest of the facility, guests are offered a comfortable outfit to wear while visiting sauna rooms and hanging out in lounge areas.

Spa amenities vary slightly by location but also include facial massages, full-body massages, body scrubs, body acupressure and more.

pool jets at spa
An example of the types of features the pools could have at the future spa in South Riding. This shot was taken at the King Spa & Sauna location in Dallas, Texas. (Photo courtesy of King Spa & Sauna)

Other features include kids’ play areas, an on-site restaurant, self-service juice and snack bars, a media room and a nap room. Other locations are so large, they have been deemed “water parks,” and welcome children for birthday parities and leisure days of fun, but it has not yet been announced if the new location will offer the same services. 

As for kids entering the facilities, all must stay with the same-gender parent when attending pools and saunas, and all under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

So, could 2020 be the year where Northern Virginia residents finally get to experience Kings Spa & Sauna? Keep an eye on the soon-to-come new website as we inch closer to the warmer days of the year. // Kings Spa & Sauna: East Gate Marketplace on Route 50 (Direct address TBA)

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