Insider’s Guide: Arielle Weinberg shares her favorite hidden gems

Arielle Weinberg created the region’s first independent fragrance boutique: Arielle Shoshana, which carries not only fragrances, but home and body products too.

Photo by James Kim

Arielle Weinberg’s store, Arielle Shoshana, carries 26 brands including Weinberg’s first fragrance line. Her line, which took eight months and 22 versions to perfect, features passionfruit, with plans for expansion.

Casual Attire

I have recently discovered Uniqlo  and their fleece-lined leggings. They. Are. Life. Changing. I am comfy all the time.

Style Philosophy

Pink and cats. If I had my way, Arielle Shoshana would look like Professor Umbridge’s office. When it comes to perfume, I have a major sweet tooth—that section represents me the most.

© Mara Zemgaliete/adobe stock
Splurge Shopping

I spend the most money at Victory Comics in Falls Church. They offer a huge comic selection and host a Pokémon league on Saturday. I have a subscription to Squirrel Girl—Marvel superhero, part squirrel, part girl.


Every year (this year, it was in September) Dulles hosts the National Capital Cat Show. 400 cats. Cats doing acrobatics. I went this year and was highly entertained. That being said, the cats are not very good acrobats.

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I really like Spacebar in Falls Church. They specialize in grilled cheese and craft beers. They have an arcade in the back. Requin has spectacular cocktails. I am excited about a branch of B. Doughnut, which has a Hawaiian-style doughnut (cinnamon sugar yeast doughnut with filling) that are extremely yummy.


We are really lucky to have a surprising amount of Korean beauty stores in this area. TonyMoly in Annandale strikes a balance between adorable packing and effective products.

(February 2018)