Father’s Day Style Gift Guide

This Father’s Day, go-to traditional gifts like coffee mugs and printed ties should be left alone. Instead, seek out modern and original presents.

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Father’s Day Style Gift Guide
Shirt/Tie Set - Blue Glen Plaid Shirt & Navy Pencil Stripe Tie, $69.50

A good shirt and tie set is a fantastic Father’s Day gift (or gift any time of year) that’s never gone out of style. This updated, pattern-to-pattern option makes great use of navy and a clean blue palette. These can be paired together or mixed and matched with nearly any other shirt or tie your dad might own. Plus, the modern fit and pencil tie are instantly slimming, and its ability to be machine-washed rather than dry-cleaned adds practicality.

Source: Nick Graham
Father’s Day Style Gift Guide
Bally Taclipo Leather Card Case, $175

The card case has replaced many men’s wallets with a sharper, slimmer alternative. This particular case comes in a versatile palette of either chocolate or black leather, each with a clean web trim. It has six card slots to fit all of his wallet essentials and can be transported basically anywhere—no more awkwardly searching for one card or bill among 20 others.

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue
Father’s Day Style Gift Guide
Church's Classic Belt, $119

This belt might seem like a basic option you could find in any department store, but that’s where you’d be wrong. The high-quality leather will make it a staple in your dad’s office wardrobe and will instantly add luxury to otherwise-plain ensembles. The buckle’s clean lines will make any shirt-and-tie combo look sharper, and it combines square and circular styles for something unexpected and refreshing. Both of these elements make it a much-needed replacement for the black leather belts with thick square buckles your dad’s likely been wearing to work forever.

Source: Farfetch
Father’s Day Style Gift Guide
Highline Leather Loafers, $245

Square-toed loafers’ time is dwindling, so why not jump-start dad’s shoe wardrobe with these Hugo Boss loafers? These come in black, brown or tan leather, so whichever one you get will likely go with everything in his closet. The clean lines and burnished toe make them instantly sleek and perfect for any occasion. They’re also under $300, so he’ll definitely get his (well, your) money’s worth.

Source: Bloomingdale's
Father’s Day Style Gift Guide
Metropolitan Slim Brief in Material Block Leather, $495

This briefcase comes in black leather with tan accents or black leather with deeper black accents as well as a coordinating shoulder strap. It has the practicality of a messenger bag or larger briefcase but is much lighter and more current. Plus, it’s super versatile, so if your dad goes out for dinner or drinks directly after work, it won’t be a drag to carry around.

Source: Coach
Father’s Day Style Gift Guide
The Wood Collection - Teakwood Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $25-$45

Most of your dad’s office essentials probably need updating, and water bottles are no exception. This stainless steel water bottle is more durable than thinner plastic options, and its wood pattern gives a rustic touch to the bottle’s modern shape and material.

Source: Nordstrom

On top of a regular full-time job, being a father is a full-time job in itself. Most parents love a good, practical gift, but there are only so many golf clubs and thermoses you can give your dad until gifting becomes a drag for both of you. More stylish gifts, like loafers or a classic shirt and tie set, are pieces he will love and get use from again and again. Plus, if he receives any of these gift ideas, he’ll look sharp whether he’s in the workplace or at home—and he can’t get that with a coffee mug.

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