This sensing shirt responds to your workout

Let your shirt do the thinking for you when it comes to regulating your body temperature.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Cohen

Scientists at MIT have developed a new workout shirt that uses bacteria to help people cool down after exercise. The shirt, which has flaps on it that open and close depending on an individual’s body temperature, is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s bioLogic project. These ventilating flaps, which can range from the size of your thumbnail to the size of your finger, are lined with living microbial cells. The cells shrink or expand in response to humidity changes in your body after a vigorous workout. Basically, they act as sensors that cause the flaps to open when the wearer is sweaty and close once they’ve cooled down. The researchers who created this shirt also stated that in the future, it’s possible it could be modified to release pleasant scents, which would mask the sweaty odor we tend to build up after exercising.

(August 2017)