Find fashion on-the-go in Loudoun County

Meet the women who own and operate their own mobile boutiques.

Photos courtesy of Nollypop Mobile Boutique and Gracie James Clothing

Loudoun County is home to two boutiques on wheels, Gracie James Clothing and Nollypop Mobile Boutique. Respective owners Amy Stevenson and Becci Badillo became fast friends while working to establish their fashion trucks, and today they occasionally collaborate to offer their customers the best possible shopping experience.

Photo courtesy of Nollypop Mobile Boutique

“I put my heart and soul into [Nollypop],” Badillo, who is a lead singer for two local bands, a back up singer for Poision’s Bret Michaels and a vocal skills teacher, said. “My mother and I handpick every item and I make a lot of the jewelry myself. Whenever I purchase an item, I try to picture it on my favorite customers and make judgments based on them.”

Nollypop Mobile Boutique sells clothes and handmade jewelry out of two vehicles, a 30-foot 1990 RV called “Nolly Parton” (which carries clothing, scarves, shoes and sunglasses) and a 17-foot 1967 camper named “Elizabeth Traylor” (which carries mainly jewelry and BoHo style clothes).

“For fall we have soft cozy cardigans, flowing maxi dresses, liquid leggings, booties, metallic purses and more,” Badillo continued.

Nollypop will be at Stone Tower Winery Oct. 28-29 and Nov. 4-5.

Having initially hit the road in October 2016, Gracie James Clothing, recently celebrated its one year anniversary and also launched an online shopping site.  A mother of two, Stevenson understands that women want fun, affordable and accessible fashion options.

Photo courtesy of Gracie James Clothing

“The idea behind a fashion truck is to bring the clothes to the people,” Stevenson said.

Using her fashion degree and understanding of popular New York City looks, Stevenson chooses styles that she knows NoVA women will gravitate towards.

“It’s a laid back style with a classic, southern twist,” Stevenson described. “I know I have some costumers that are really edgy and will try new things, and other costumers that are more conservative and shop for the basics. I keep a good mix on the truck.”

Unlike in bigger cities like Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, Northern Virginia requires special permits for trucks to park and sell their merchandise. For this reason, costumers should check social media to see when and where these fashion trucks will pop up next.

Gracie James’ November collection will release on Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. To shop the looks on the truck, visit the Lucketts Holiday Open House from Nov. 3-5.