Trunk Club wants to do your holiday shopping for you

The personal shopping service has launched a Stylists as Shoppers campaign and their holiday gift guide.

A page from Trunk Club’s 2017 holiday gift guide

We use them to help us dress ourselves, now the popular personal shopping service under the Nordstrom umbrella is giving us a little help during the holidays too.

While the main bread and butter of the company focuses on clothes and accessories, they are now adding to the mix more accessories, techwear and small home goods.

The new gifting service, Stylists as Shoppers, is as simple as the services we are already used to with Trunk Club. Simply get in touch with a stylist and let him or her know who it is you need help finding gifts for. They will put together a package of items for you to peruse before shipment, and once accepted they will ship off one of their “trunks” to the receiver.

Items showcased during their launch party earlier this month included items like Fitbits, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Ugg slippers, coffee mugs, tech gloves, Herschel backpacks, Hydro Flask water bottles, cocktail kits, Beats headsets and more.

To make things easier when selecting gifts, they’ve also launched their own holiday gift guide to help you choose.