Get your closets ready: Here are the trends to wear for the upcoming fall season

We spoke with DC stylist Lindsey Evans to get her expert perspective on what’s in and what’s out for the next few months of 2019. Hint: the ’80s are making another comeback.

Lindsey Evans was named our Best of NoVA 2019 issue’s Best Personal Shopper and Stylist. (Photo courtesy of Lindsey Evans Studio)

If there’s always one constant in life, it’s change, and fashion is no exception.

Trends fluctuate throughout the year and season-to-season transitions can make closets everywhere do a full 180-degree turn. To prepare for the increasing heat of the summer and the turn into cooler temps of fall, we spoke with DC stylist and Best of NoVA 2019’s Personal Shopper and Stylist winner Lindsey Evans of Lindsey Evans Studio.

Her work has been featured in Vogue, InStyle and Elle magazines, and she has assisted in styling stars from Katy Perry to Madonna, and even managed Taylor Swift’s wardrobe for the RED tour in 2013 and 2014.

Just in 2019 thus far, Evans says tassel earrings have had their time in the sun, but now it’s all about a modern statement earring, and the logo-mania trend is starting to die down. Other highlights from our conversation are below.

What do you love that you’ve been seeing in 2019 trends so far?
I love it all; I eat it all up! There is undoubtedly some designer’s interpretation of every trend that I can get on board with. Right now, I’m all about the ’80s revival. Sequins, shoulder pads, acid wash denim and huge earrings—what more could a gal want?

What trends are you predicting for fall this year?
For fall, I’m seeing a continuation of a lot of trends we have been seeing in the spring and summer, but simply reimagined with a more fall and winter-focused palette. We saw a lot of frock and frill during the spring and summer this year, and I think we’re still going to see that volume but in fall patterns and tones.

Additionally, I think we can expect to see more utilitarian pieces and work-wear trends. I really love the gender ambiguity of that look, which I think is the direction that fashion is moving toward as a whole. As someone in a creative field, that trend really fills a gap in the marketplace of wardrobe that needs to be functional, as well as fashionable. Also, I think people will be surprised to see more of the chocolate brown from the ’90s making a comeback. It’s slowly creeping its way back into runways, so I think trendier stores will have more brown pieces to choose from.

Are there any key pieces that people should have for transitioning from summer to fall?
I think cream-colored pieces, as well as olive and grays are great gateway options for colored pieces to go from late summer into early fall, especially when these clothes tend to overlap. Sticking to a more neutral color palette at this time of year is definitely a safe bet. For both men and women, an olive jogger or chino pant is a great option for the change in season, as well as a good trench coat. I love the idea of a trench coat with fresh sneakers and jeans, which can be very fresh and cool for anyone. When in doubt, you can always turn to classics!

Otherwise, what is your best recommendation for creating a closet that you love?
Having great style, regardless of the season, comes down to knowing yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish. Think about the way you approach a problem in business, you break it down and solve it piece by piece. A great wardrobe comes together with the same approach. Think about what your goals are for the upcoming fall season, pull some reference photos and buy whatever pieces you’re missing. It may take some trial and error to figure it out, but if you need help, you know where to find me!

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