Alexandria-based Jamie Park Jewelry debuts fall collection

Local designer Jamie Park is set to launch her fall collection next week. Here, she shares the inspiration behind it all.

three necklaces with jewels
Photo courtesy of Jamie Park

Alexandria-based jewelry designer Jamie Park has always had an interest in taking something simple and making it beautiful. And in 2015, after graduating from design school and working with well-known companies like Michael Kors, Park made the decision to turn her passion into a company that has since grown from a few loyal clients on Etsy to a full-fledged online business. 

From thin-banded rings to choker necklaces, each of Park’s pieces are handcrafted with solid 14 karat gold, staying in-tune with her jewelry’s theme of simplicity.

With the weather cooling and the leaves changing, it’s time to swap out those summer-themed, chunky jewels for accessories that work with this season’s look, which tend to be small, yet elegant, all the same. Here, Park talks minimalism, color scheme and growth in Alexandria, all displayed in her fall collection of Jamie Park Jewelry, set to debut on her website by the end of this week. 

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three rings with different design
Photo courtesy of Jamie Park

What has it been like designing jewelry here in Northern Virginia for the last few years?
I have always been a minimalist. And from my experience with previous jobs, I had to work within strict design goals and requirements that were very unique and complex, which made me want to create something simple for everyday occasions, with quality materials. I started with a few pieces, essentially for myself and then I tested the online market because I was curious. The customers immediately loved them. 

In general, Alexandria has been an inspiration because it has a perfect combination of natural and urban spaces, giving me a good work-life balance. The community itself has great taste and appreciates great taste, too. The customers understand that my jewelry can be worn at any time, yet it adds a little sparkle to your life. We’ve been trying to reach out to more local customers, but the business really grew itself online.

green and pink gold necklaces
Photo courtesy of Jamie Park

Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?
I studied jewelry design in Rhode Island, so I trained in this field. And my design inspiration has always come from modern fashion and architecture. I look at a lot of geometric figures and photos to see what shapes can work in our day-to-day lives when it comes to my designs. Modern women’s fashion is so important because we wear clothes with jewelry, and jewelry with clothes—they support each other. 

Tell me about this new fall collection and how you imagine shoppers will incorporate the pieces into their daily lives?
It consists of some rings and necklaces, featuring colored gemstones, such as emerald, turquoise and pink sapphire. The colors are very appropriate for the season and will go with seasonal outfits people tend to wear.

We strive to provide a unique experience to our customers so that they feel empowered to explore their creativity while wearing our products. The simplicity of design will provide a gentle accent to their everyday wear, without being too overpowering. This allows the customers to really utilize the fall lineup in new and creative way, as it allows for layering or stacking multiple pieces to truly express themselves. 

two simple rings from jamie park jewelry
Photo courtesy of Jamie Park

Are there any specific trends in the region you’ve taken into account with the designs?
Jewel tones are big this year, like dark blues and deep greens, as well as almost nude shades of neutral colors. People are also incorporating stand-out accent accessories in their looks right now. 

All of Park’s designs can be purchased via the Jamie Park Jewelry website or Instagram page. While Park’s items were once sold at boutique Park Story in the Mosaic District, the shop is currently searching for a new location. According to Park, she is hoping to partner with Park Story once a new location is decided upon, as well as other local stores.

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