What is an image consultant and where can you find one in NoVA?

From curating goals for your future to instilling confidence through your appearance, this is exactly what an image consultant can do for you.

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The Washington metro area isn’t exactly considered the fashion capital of the world, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about good style. Just by looking at the streets of the capital—full of men and women in designer clothing heading into official government quarters—you can tell there’s a lot that goes into the overall look, as well as the confidence underneath the suit. 

Often times, that’s where an image consultant comes in. 

According to nonprofit Association of Image Consultants International, the job of an image consultant is to guide you in presenting yourself to your best advantage and in expressing your highest potential. No matter what career field you are in, or what stage of life you’re currently at, an image consultant is meant to coach you on physical appearance, behavior and communication, helping you put yourself in the best possible light. 

To an image consultant, it’s the whole package that leads you to success, not solely how you dress. The national average cost for an image consultant ranges from $120 to $200 per session, according to Thumbtack, a national, online service that matches customers with local professionals. Of course, this varies depending on numerous factors, including how many sessions you see the consultant and whether you’re hiring services for just you or an entire company. 

While many confuse image consultants with stylists, there’s a difference. A stylist is responsible for combining the latest trends with the personal style of their client, creating custom looks that fit for you, according to Merriam-Webster.  

No matter the career path you’re on, if you’re hoping to increase your authenticity, credibility and confidence with help from an image consultant, here are some options of who to hire in the Northern Virginia region. 

Success thru Style with Cyndy Porter
Based in Northern Virginia

Based in Washington, DC

Lifestyle Image
Based in Northern Virginia

Based in Washington, DC

Lindsey Evans Studio
Based in Northern Virginia

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