Georgetown dress designer now creating high-fashion face masks

Sonia Garbarino is known for her wedding and prom dresses, but has shifted her focus to designing elegant face masks during the pandemic.

embroidered face mask
Photo via Facebook / Sonia Garbarino Atelier

Usually during spring, Sonia Garbarino is gearing up for a busy season of creating prom dresses and wedding gowns. But that’s all changed due to COVID-19, resulting in canceled proms and weddings across the region and nation.

The Georgetown-based designer, who is also the founder of Sonia Garbarino Atelier, has since shifted her focus to creating high-end, fashionable face masks, made out of satin, lace and taffeta, and featuring designs with elegant embroidery, patterns, feathers and more.

high end face mask with black bow
Photo via Facebook / Sonia Garbarino Atelier

Designed for men, women and children, the masks, which cost between $15 and $50, can be found on the brand’s Facebook page and special orders are also available.

Clients are able to do contactless pickup directly from Garbarino in the lobby of her building and drop their payment off there, or she can ship the masks to clients with an extra shipping fee charge applied.

Photo via Facebook / Sonia Garbarino Atelier

To contact Garbarino directly, or to find more information, click here

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