How stylist Naina Singla is adapting to the coronavirus era

The DC-based business owner and style expert is readjusting to life postpartum—let alone a global pandemic—and she’s making the most of it.

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Photo courtesy of Naina Singla

Naina Singla has been making a name for herself in the DC metro region over the course of the past decade through her full-time personal styling business, which she runs directly from her home with occasional stints on TV and in-person appointments. While the meetings and sessions have all gone virtual now thanks to COVID-19, it’s Singla’s personal life that has changed the most drastically as a result of the pandemic.

From reassessing her routine postpartum to making time for skin care, here’s how Naina Singla is taking on each day right now.

On the new normal: 

My day-to-day routine has changed since the middle of March and, for me, really since the end of January when my daughter was born. By the time the global pandemic and stay at home orders started, I was six weeks postpartum and I was so ready to get back to work, working out and return to somewhat of a normal routine again. So for me, it feels like I am on an extended maternity leave. Right now, I only have virtual clients and since I have always offered virtual services as a stylist, it wasn’t a hard transition for me. I do miss doing TV style segments, in-person meetings, fashion events and sharing more fashion-related content on social media. But, similar to many other parents right now, I am juggling kids, cleaning, meals, school schedules, all while trying to stay healthy and fit myself. On a positive note, this has been a great time to reassess my career goals and priorities and I feel fortunate to have this time to reflect, strategize and plan how my business will look moving forward. 

On what shopping looks like today: 

I have purchased a couple of cute pajama sets from Nordstrom and Soma. I also purchased this amazing jogger set from Joie and I love it. I even bought it in two colors because the fit is perfect, it’s super soft and it was 40% off. I am also trying to maximize what I already have. When I do make purchases, it’s usually in fabrics that have some stretch and are cozy and comfortable. I also upgraded my beauty routine with this body wash and lotion set from Necessaire

I am shopping less for clothes, accessories and shoes, but I am shopping more for household items, organization items for the home and, of course, the grocery shopping never seems to end. 

On WFH attire:

I have worked from home and had a home office set up for the past 15 years, so I am already used to the work-from-home routine. When working from home I always dress up (maybe jeans, blazer and silk blouse) because I usually leave the house for client meetings and errands. But since the pandemic, dressing down and not having to put on makeup is giving me more time and energy to complete other tasks. Now, I am wearing leggings or joggers, a loose top or sweatshirt and slippers. If I work out, I will typically throw on workout clothes for most of the day and then switch to night PJs after a shower. The first couple days of each week I am more motivated and typically look a bit more put together with jeans, a nice top and I may throw on a cardigan or scarf. I find that on the days when I put in a little effort to appear more put together, I instantly feel happier and more motivated to start the day. 

On self-care:

I have had to use a root touch-up kit for my grays twice now and I will say that after doing it and washing and blow-drying my hair I feel so much better about myself. I am also taking better care of my skin because I have more time to cleanse and moisturize, using face masks and my favorite peel from M-61. Not wearing makeup has been such a great break for my skin as well. I desperately need a manicure and pedicure and may need to convince my daughter that we need to create a spa day very soon.  

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Photo courtesy of Naina Singla
On the latest must-shop sales and styles:

So many retailers are having great sales right now, but I am not super motivated to shop for spring clothes. I did stock up on all my beauty essentials during the Sephora sale. I am sure this will change in time, but for now I am maximizing what’s already in my wardrobe.  I am trying to get these adorable slippers, but they are sold out in my size.  

On outfits she plans to show off post pandemic:

I think the best thing about being pregnant and then being home for this pandemic is that I have had a bit of a break from dressing up, but once it’s all over I think I will really need to purge my closet! I have always appreciated putting effort into my outfits and so I am really looking forward to getting dressed up again. I will be shopping for sundresses and will layer them with blazers and leather jackets. I will also be shopping more and will share my finds on Instagram.

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