From Halloween prep to office appreciation at Copperwood Tavern: What we’re looking forward to this week

This week, we’re looking forward to a haunted house, picking out a Halloween costume, office appreciation week at Copperwood Tavern, showing Pennsylvanians around NoVA and watching ‘Stranger Things.’

halloween pumpkin
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By Eliza BerkonWinn DuvallStefanie GansRachael Keeney and Lynn Norusis

This week, Northern Virginia Magazine editors are looking forward to exploring Workhouse Art Center’s Madhaunter’s Madhouse, choosing a couples costume, Copperwood Tavern’s Office Appreciation Week, showing Pennsylvania parents around Northern Virginia and watching Stranger Things.

Turning the Tables on Haunted Houses

I am not one for scary movies. I remember watching Poltergeist when I was under the age of 8 and not being scared (don’t judge my parents—they didn’t know I watched it). The first time I was truly scared was when I huddled with friends and took in It. I didn’t get all the way through the movie before I was called home. Crossing over a sewer to get to my house and having a neighbor friend jump out at me solidified my terror. I took in more horror/psychological thrillers after that. But the one that had me putting the nix on any more was The Ring. Too much of a story to get into here, but let’s just say I was bolting up the stairs once it was over. I was in my 20s. All this being said, I love haunted houses. My coping mechanism seems to be uncontrollable laughter in the face of those who hope to strike fear into your mind, sometimes even trying to get the jump on them. So those of you who are behind the scenes of Workhouse’s Madhaunter’s Madhouse, watch out. I’m coming for you. –LN

O Costume! My Costume!

In preparation for my annual Halloween party, I’m devoting the entire weekend if need be to locating the ideal his-and-hers costumes. I’m bored by the usual stuff—ketchup and mustard, Barbie and Ken—and hoping to find just the right touch of whimsy and originality. If you’ve got just a fab idea or a rec on a great store, ping me at –EB

Office Appreciation Week at Copperwood Tavern
Through the end of the week

It’s the perfect time to take out your favorite co-worker for lunch: Copperwood Tavern (in both Shirlington and One Loudoun) is offering a buy one, get one free sandwich or salad for dine-in customers. –SG 

Entertaining the parental units

With one of my roommates moving out this weekend (and taking most of the furniture with her), I’ll be spending most of this week trying to figure out how and when my parents can transport the family furniture I’ve managed to borrow indefinitely. Since they’ll be making a three-hour U-haul drive from Pennsylvania, I want to make sure that their trip isn’t all work and no play. So, for my shopaholic mom, I’m thinking we should pay Reston Town Center a visit, and for my history buff dad, I’m thinking we should check out a Ghost and Graveyard tour in Alexandria. RK

Prepping for Stranger Things 2

I’ve been saying I wanted to watch the Netflix original since it became such a pop-culture hit last fall, but here we are a year later and still nothing (too many shows!). So with just over a week left until the second season premieres (Oct. 27), I’ll be making my way through the eight episodes in season one. –WD